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What about these so called 'rare' chibi's???? I had 30 wishbones and all i got was 6 tuso chibi's, and de next 25 wishbones i had 5 mantis chibi's. Is this random or just a joke?? Also i get a lot of Dunkleo chibi's. So rare in what opinion???

If you ask me it's a joke like a lot more on ARK, almost none Tukeeys on the Island maps but you got attacked on Scorched Earth by four at once.


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Around 50% of our chibis from the turkey event are dunkles, have given up now (all but one of the 5-bone ones are). Personally have had a frog, a sheep (nice pink one), a squid & 6 effing dunkles (similar for my tribemate). Never had a mantis. Tribemate got a broodmother.

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Only 4 turkeys? Meh :) There were actually 7 here, but couldn't lay down a trap due to idiot pillaring the whole island.. so just legged it.

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In the cooking pot, it states that using the rare chibi option will give you any of the new chibis released this event (Tuso, Broodmother, Bonnet Otter, Dunkleosteus or Mantis), or it will give you a rare (or better) chibi from the previous releases.  I have gotten a ton of the new chibis, but also have gotten a pair o' saurs, a bunny, a skeletal giga as well as a skeletal trike.  You just have to keep trying.  But yes, you will get an overwhelming amount of dunkys, mantis and tusos.

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