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I own a Hard PVE unofficial server called Clan Wolf. I am writing because I think someone should take a look at the drop rate for high damage shotgun BPs at the cave of strong. I see many youtubers posting Dungeon runs using shotguns with damage in the 300s. I even clearly remember having a 320 shotgun in a previous server. I have gotten fairly good at making speed runs with my wolf and have probably made over 200 runs to date, but have failed to see anything higher than a 250.....  Has the drop rate for decent damage shotguns been reworked recently? If it was, it certainly has changed the chances of getting a good BP from hard to practically impossible. I am assuming that was not the intention and ask to have it looked at if possible. 

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250 on hard is a pretty good to near perfect shotgun.

I made by now countless artifact tributes (far over 10000 tributes), and never got a better ascendant shotgun than 160 on medium. I got a mastercraft blueprint from the monthly loot gift with 192 damage.

But then they put better loot in the dungeon premium chests an I got a 210 ascendant shotgun from these chests. Sometimes and with a lot of luck you can get very valuable blueprints from the premium dungeon chests.

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