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Xbox Series X and Genesis Servers but might affect other servers

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Just checking in as something I've noticed happening only on my Genesis server hosted by Nitrado is that it loads in fast, but immediately get host connection lost.  I run fiber 1Gbs speed and my servers are all low ping usually around 20 to 30.  I've connnected to Rag, Island, and CI maps just fine so far.  I know my friend can still join on an Xbox One just fine and he sees me join and leave real quick where the Message of the day chimes and then msg of being connection lost which leads me to think that its an issue somewhere that is not internet or host but maybe somewhere else.  

Anyone else have this same issue?  Later I will try on my One X to see if I can connect etc.


Update:  I was able to join a Genesis server random to test to see if it was a DLC corrupt download issue, but I joined so that is not the issue.

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2 minutes ago, ehuhoser said:

This is happening what seems like different than before, I rarely get a host connection timeout that repeats itself over and over just on one map and does not fix with server restart and xbox restart etc.


Ya for me it's completely random (my own Nitrado servers as well). Load in. Get kicked. Connection lost to server. I mumble "stupid game..." and log back in. Sometimes it kicks me again (very rare).

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I joined with another character as a test, and as soon as I got to my base, I got the same thing.  Something is going on either I was or did have a lot of inventory that got reverted on an update or something as now it won't let me as I get to my base, something is going on in that realm and now its just stuck.  I had a friend go near my base and same thing, and no, its not a huge thing or a ton of animals out, my only guess is something similar happened when my inventory was full, but at least then my friend could empty it out to get me back in.

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39 minutes ago, Vaizel said:

did you figure this out ?

i was having a similar issue on crystle isles yesterday ended up starting again as i wasnt too far in.

No I have not yet figured it out.  Before if this is the same issue, I just transferred another character and managed to work it out, but any character that gets close gets booted.  

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