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The Dung beetle should auto collect poop.



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17 hours ago, Luce said:

I believe this would be a worth while addition.  It makes sense for the creature. Frankly I think it would be neat to watch a bunch of fecal roombas racing around my base cleaning and making fertilizer.  Just a quick thought.

Fecal Roombas, Top thing I've heard today. Real Dung Beetles gather fecal matter into spheres and roll them around. If that could be real in ARK then the spheres could be turned into condensed feces which could lasts longer. Sort of like a second Choice instead of conversion of Fertilizer.

My TLC idea for the dung Beetle.

1. Keep the Conversion from feces to fertilizer the same, But have more animations with it's conversion, Maybe a graphical UI update to see progress on poop conversion.

2. Second choice rather than conversion for better quality dung. I'd say have a roll around feces wander setting to create a condensed dung sphere which can be used for fertilizer but takes longer. Maybe for a new plant ?

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I've been saying this for a while, but after taming some recently, I'm not so sure. They make TONS of fertilizer as it is, it seems OP to let them pick up poop by themselves. Alternatively, I think maybe poop should be allowed into Feeding Troughs(If it isn't already) and Beetles can take it out of the trough and into their inventory. This keeps the process player-involved, as the player still has to pick up poop and place it into the trough, but no longer has to open each individual Beetle and distribute poop. Feel like this is the perfect QoL for the Dung Beetle, as this also means you don't need to keep tons of creatures huddled around your Dung Beetle pen or let your Dung Beetles haphazardly wander around your base. 

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