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14.4 GB Update, Wuh?

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Just now, Duffmek said:

sooo a few new skins, chibibs and colors should not equal 15gb lol .. unless the release / patch notes are up somewhere i cant find them to see just what else is been fix / broken or changed (would love a link if possible) 

Where the patch notes are normally posted:


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My update size is reported as 8.2GB. How is the update size so different on so many PCs? And the notes don't justify the size. Turkey event is already on all machines and only needs activation, not downloading. There is more going on in the update than just to what those notes are referring. And how many mods are going to be broken now I wonder...

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25 minutes ago, Nungtor said:

I think, the size depends on how many maps/addons are installed. If they fixed several mesh or foliage bugs on several maps, you have to download all the stuff again.

I think though that most people have most maps so the size isn't justified. The devs just released the update and unless they pushed the dev kit at the same time (which they should be anyway IMO) and the mod makers also updated the mods that's a separate download not a combined one. I just checked and none of my mods have an update at this time. I have all the DLC maps and any mod maps use the base code anyway so nothing new for them. It's something else.


...I think we should all post what we have installed on the machines in question by way of DLC to see if there is a real difference to explain these size differences. My list:











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I was having issues. This update almost broke me. I was minutes from uninstalling ark and reclaiming my hard drive lol. However my tribemate talked me into considering uninstalling unused maps. It was as simple as right clicking on ark in my library, going to properties, there there is a dlc tab, uncheck any map that you don't need and then go back and try to do the update again. For me the update size went from over 15 gigs to over 6 gigs buy unchecking boxes next to scorched earth, crystal isles, valguero, and the center. And better still later on i was looking at my hard drive which had been red lining, and now it's only about 2/3'rds full! :D

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