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I play Singleplayer almost exclusively, and have had some trouble with crashes for a while now. I'm always experimenting, trying different things to see if I can find out what exactly causes the game to crash, and I believe I have identified a specific set of actions that causes the game to crash 100% of the time. I have no idea if this occurs in Multiplayer.

It concerns the ARK Data, the space where items, characters and creatures are stored when transferring between servers, or in the case of Singleplayer, transferring between maps.

Here are the actions:

Step 1: Open the ARK Data through an Obelisk, Boss Terminal, City Terminal or Tek Transmitter (The terminal at the entrance to the Tek Cave doesn't seem to be able to access the ARK Data).

Step 2: Retrieve any item stored in the ARK Data. Do not close the Terminal/Transmitter inventory.

Step 3: Switch to the Creatures tab.

Step 4: Download any creature.

Upon selecting the 'Download Creature' button, the game should immediately crash, sending you back to the Xbox Home menu. This crash is particularly bad, as when the game crashes, upon reloading, the game will have reset to the last 'save point', with everything resetting, except the Tribe Log (no big deal here, though it can be rather humorous; my Extinction Tribe Log currently lists me taming the same Bronto twice, the later one at an earlier time on the same day) and the ARK Data. As the ARK Data will have changed through the process of triggering the crash, any items you retrieved before trying to download the creature will be lost forever. The worst example I have is going to the Center and spending 3 hours there taming 10 Rexes, all level 140 or higher, then putting them in cryopods and uploading them to the ARK Data. Upon returning to the Island, I retrieved all of the cryopods, then tried to download my Otter. The game crashed, deleting all of the new Rexes, forcing me to do it all over again and wasting a bunch of kibble, not to mention the tools and armour I also downloaded.

I vaguely remember the game crashing when the process was reversed (downloading a creature, switching to the ARK Data tab, then retrieving an item), but that was a while ago, so I may have forgotten the details. In any case, until the bug is fixed, it can be circumvented by always closing the ARK Data between downloading creatures and items. You can download as many creatures or items as you like without closing the ARK Data and never crash, as long as you download only creatures or only items, never both at the same time.

Devs, I hope this helps you identify and fix the bug. Fellow players, I hope this helps prevent future heartache.

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