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Tamed Alpha Titans after restart downgraded to Gamma Titans

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Hello everybody,


i tamed all three titans on a dedicated linux server cluster. After server reboot all three titans had way less max hp. Desert Titan dropped max hp from 350k to 250k, Forest titan from 700k to 400k and Ice titan from 550k to 350k hp.


That would indicate we had three alpha titans and now they're just gamma titans.


We uploaded them from extinction to valguero, where they still had the max hp and at least the desert titan had the name Alpha Desert Titan. Just after the daily restart it was set down to the previously mentioned numbers and now they're called Gamma.

Uploading them back doesn't put them back on alpha.



How can i fix it?

Can i fix it?

Can WC fix it?

Will WC fix it?



Best regards,


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So its impossible to revert them with a command or something to alpha stats?


@Wildcard please fix this! There are so many bugs around, stop focusing on new content and please fix your old stuff.

(Just some bugs:

  • Hitboxes when grabbing with fliers,
  • hitting targets with darts/arrows, but not dealing damage,
  • After Ice Titan kill you're still stuck and cannot move
  • Titans revert to wild stats after restart
  • Cannot kill babies on pve mod (not even an option to enable)
  • Ini doesnt load properly (need to set 5 Min delay between servers that all ini settings are loaded correctly
  • Guns don't reload, especially crossbows and single shot sniper
  • hitbox of Tusos, enemies hit you on your head and you cannot hit them with your tentacles so you get stuck and die
  • Structures load super slow and are not stored, so you have to load them again and again and again (pc chills at 50% max cpu/ram, network 1%) dinos load, why not structures? They don't even move!
  • Linux servers take days to recieve important updates
  • No updates for PVE, just nerfs for PVP)

That are just some bugs little me encountered and i still remember and i have just 700+ hours with dodo farming.

So please read it and fix it. New content doesn't show off if the basics aren't working!


Thank you!

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