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Just give us a little love please. 
The community of Prim Plus is a tight dedicated group. We make the most of a difficult situation. 
We need some things fixed.

No particular order. 

1. Our beautiful crops are so broken. There was a time when we could use our tomatoes like veggie cakes, it was awesome. Now they don’t even work as food for dinos. 
2. The beer we make doesn’t work on Chalicotherium. So they are not tamable on Prim Plus. 
3. We don’t have Alpha Rex which then keeps us from getting alpha Rex teeth for Boss runs. 
4. The new updates to Mammoth and Stego do not work on Prim.

Thank you from a dedicated passionate Prim Plus player. 

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I sincerely hope someone in development sees this. NoTek Cluster 6 is in the same boat. All but abandoned.  I think they ( wildcard ) just want us all to quit and go away. No offical response to any outreach. I think we as a whole are a half realized pet project that has been discarded. 

I feel your disappointment and frustration.  I've given wildcard the benefit of the doubt since aberration.  They clearly don't care and can't be bothered . 

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