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Not being able to change session filter

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I made this account after having that issue. Reinstalled and everything to no avail.   I made this account literally just to share how I regained access to the session filter!   Before step

Hey Bro!! Thank you so much! Works perfectly! 

Swap to primitive plus, change your search criteria, change back to regular ark. Worked for me.

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Update, I too found myself in the same boat, if your router is too far from the console and wifi is the only way, don’t fear! 

I accessed my router (via your default gateway) and simply denied bandwidth to the Xbox, applied the filter and no more than 1 second later clicked “Join”, this initiated the search but froze.. then released from its frozen state allowing me to access the “session filter” list... simply select your filter and re apply bandwidth to the device through the router config!


hope this helps you all!

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This is beyond ridiculous now..


Someone from Wildcard needs to step up here and post something and acknowledge this issue and tell us that they're going to fix their godawful server browser and the bugs related to it..


People are paying for rented servers they can't even access because of this issue.


I just encountered this issue myself now for the first time and it is a poopshow, without a doubt.


Game locks up, can't access the session filter with a controller and as soon as we click on search, it locks up completely and need to be shut down through the home menu.


If this poop doesn't get fixed, there's not a chance in hell of me buying ARK 2..

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I’ve been trying to search for my newly rented Xbox server from Nitrado but I haven’t been able to change the session filter selection for some reason. I’ve try uninstalling the entire game and reinstalling it as well and going offline as I click on join ark. I’m only connected to wifi and have no idea how to fix this problem and would like some help so I am start playing on my server. 

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I’m having major problems with the Join ark with Xbox. I had turned off my WIFI and pulled the power cable out, but nothing seems to be working. I don’t have an Ethernet cable to it. When I looked up what to do I saw that and it doesn’t work (the picture below) the session filter won’t change at all nor maps it’s stuck on Genesis. Trying to get get from the devs on Twitter but with no luck at all, I own a server and would really like to use my own server soon, my friends can use my own server but I can’t 


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There shouldn't even be a need for a workaround. This is all on Wildcard to fix. This just proves, that when we still keep encountering bugs that have been around since Game Preview on Xbox, 4+ years later, they.. don't.. care..


Adding useless stuff like extra maps (with their own bugs i might add!), and adding dino TLC and DLCs, is not fixing bugs. It's adding more bugs ontop of the old bugs. Any dev worth their salt would've fixed the majority of bugs before adding DLCs and more to the official base game.


I do have to say that this is also a result of the white knights/fanboys/content creators aka brown nosers, shutting down people with valid complaints during game preview/early access, saying that there are no issues/bugs.


I mean, when you've got a content creators that encounters a bug then quickly starts doing something else and just shrugs it off, continuing to kiss the collective devs rear-ends, something's off.. No wonder the devs haven't fixed all the game breaking issues, because since the release on Steam Early Access, they've only listened to the brown nosers.. Telling them that the game is fine..

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