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Serverupdate .31 for Linux Dedicated Server

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You released the for clusters very important .31 Update more than half a day ago. When will it be ready to download on linux dedicated servers? Clusters are nearly unusable atm. What's so hard to release it on all platforms at once?


And when will the endless loading of structures stop? You're building a decent base and have to wait 2 minutes to fully load it when you're 200 meters away. Is it not possible to keep it loaded. The hitboxes are there, just not the visuals. Could be greatly improved.



A Player. 

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I can't even update my Linux server. It says there is an update , but when I run it it fails with "check network".

But everything is fine on my network and my internet is working just fine. I am barely 2 days into using a dedicated server and I am already tired of all the
BS that comes with it. The rubbish software can't even do something as simple as update and fails for no reason and now I can't even play.
Think I'm just going back to SP instead. Way less hassle.

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Unfortunately, Linux server updates are very often released days after Windows server ones. It is such an hassle that 8 months ago, being tired of this situation I asked my hosting provider to switch from Linux to Windows. No extra cost, and seriously what a difference it made ! No more delays for updates and hotfixes. As soon as devs release an update I know it's available for my 2 servers in cluster.

Maybe it's worth asking your provider if your server can be moved to Windows ? Because as time goes, Wildcard neglects more and more Linux servers.

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