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Hi as you all know via the recent reveal of the devs thru EXTRA LIFE, Genesis II will be the LARGEST map Wild Card devs has ever made.
Here's the Size comparison of every Map, including the largest map known to ARK which is Valhalla.
What's the ESTIMATE SIZE of Genesis 2? Will it surpass every map or will it just be slightly larger than Crystal Isles?

Ark maps comparison-min.jpg

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Not sure really, but I would honestly be surprised if it is larger than Valhalla.

In terms of what it is guaranteed to be larger than it will be Genesis I.

The keyword they mentioned was largest map they have made, which rules out Ragnarok/Crystal Isles.

I suspect it may be larger than Crystal Isles, but will be interesting to know for sure.

What I do suspect is it may be a long landscape map rather than square due to the Ship being very long.

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