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9 hours ago, Dzbice said:


Many reasons.  The main one now being that it would most likely be too much money for them to pay to have the game and all content since 2015 optimized and packaged to fit on a Switch.  At first, Switch ARK was just old-school Island map, and that was OK, they were feeling it out.  At the time, Scorched Earth, The Center, Ragnarok, and Aberration were all available.  Heck, I think Extinction was even available then.

Each map is several GB worth of space.  All the extra dinos take up more space.  That, together with the growing complexity of ARK with game-system updates such as building and kibble reworks, mesh and map fixes, and system stability patches and updates mean that the team at Abstraction Games (the studio behind the Switch port for ARK) would have had something like 5 maps to rework and about 50 major patches to incorporate.  Now, it would be even worse with Genesis Pt 1, Valguero, and Crystal Isles.

Switch ARK is fun for a throwback.  Sadly, it isn't going further unless the rumor-of-a-rumored Switch Pro ever sees the light of day, with some seriously beefed up graphics and storage!

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