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HLN-A new voice actor?

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On 11/9/2020 at 9:33 AM, Alvaren said:

ah I found a name finally seems HLN-A will be voiced by Madeleine Madden this time I wonder why the switch I quite liked Amber Lee Connors as HLN-A

Helena is Australian, she is suppose to have an Australian accent. Amber was american. Madeleine australian accent is way more accurate to the character. 

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while she is more accurate for the role she just doesn't seem to fit the HLN-A character, in part one she was cheerful, bouncing with joy and was always motivating us with a go get 'em attitude. So far in part 2 from what I've seen from the Genesis Chronicles 2 she just seems depressed and I've seen a lot of others say this in comments on Youtube. I also feel like she won't be able to handle the comedic moments that she had previously I just can't see her calling Rockwell a Drongo like in part one. She seems like a more serious voice actor but not taking this silly role seriously enough. She does seem like a lovely Lady though and I hope I'm completely wrong about all this and she actually lives up to the character that's been established. I can't wait to get more of the Chronicles to see more of her.

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