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Extra Life Genesis Part 2 HYPE!


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I want it to be a completely different game built from the ground up, maybe even in a different engine, aaaaand perhaps by a better studio lol. Sorry for the offence wild card, I love you, but ya kinda suck. But if they took a break, and wiped their brains, and rebuilt it from scratch, they could do better because they've had experince.

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There is nothing to hype up, the introduction of more game breaking items/dino's, i didnt like the missions in Gen 1 only did them to unlock master controller not going to like them in Gen 2 just speculation on my part but with them saying missions will be hosted in instances sounds like what they do for the boss fights. So if your doing a mission with all the kicks and crashes i'll just assume the same will happen as if your in a boss fight and get kicked/crash whatever you went in with kiss bye bye.   

You can maybe hype the map as its all one map again not the separate biom's like in Gen 1 but its the biggest map they have made so think its safe to say it will be similar to Lagnarok pretty much unplayable most times. By 1 month before Gen 1 was going to open transfers server populations were down to 15-20 people on a good day people were already bored out of their minds and most will have gone back to whatever game they have been playing or back to other maps because they've added 4-8 new dino's with a new map so many people were waiting for Crystal Isles even before transfers opened for Gen 1. 

Granted they are only 8hrs into the live stream at the time im writing this so maybe something will be show cased but as of now a new tek suit, that mechanized horse looking thing harvesting stuff, video surveillance system. They would of been better off ending ARK with Gen 1 and just create a entirely new game because all this stuff is so far away from the concept of the game. Yeah i know the game is going to go in different directions with maps, dinos, expansions, abilities but they have taken it to far beyond the pale.



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Wow debbie downer ^^^


Honestly gen 1 sucked. After CI came out I never went back and never will other than to get bloodstalkers. Only good thing to come from gen1.

The teleporting and build restrictions killed it.



Gen 2 looks AWESOME. The hoverboard ! The invisible lion ! The massive robot giraffes ! Biggest map ever ! The new evil mind control shoulder pet ! The incubator! 

And they've corrected the things that made gen 1 terrible by doing dedicated separate mission areas and eliminating the awful teleportation. I wasnt expecting much after gen 1 but damn I'm blown away by gen 2 so far.

Throw in the massive performance boost that nex gen consoles will bring and genesis 2 could seriously take this game to the next level.

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