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Dedicated Server players time out every 30 min

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Dedicated Host:
Windows 10 VM (3 Core @ 3.5GHz, 32GB)
Ark: Survival Evolved 1.83.802.2
Map: Crystal Isles
XBox One
Ark: Survival Evolved 802.9
Wired GB LAN w/ 200/10WAN

After both Win10 and XBox updated for Fear Evolved 4 the connection will only stay active for 29 minutes before client is disconnected with a timeout. Host has been rebooted; and a Dino Wipe was performed after the patch to allow for Event Dino Spawning.

Timeout is occurring for individuals connecting both via the LAN and WAN.

It was also pointed out to me that the inventory transfer sound has stopped working since the patch.

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I'm experiencing this on all my private servers each running on separate physical PCs as dedicated servers:

  1. Ragnarok: v1.83.802.2
  2. Scorch: v1.47.801.2
  3. Extinction: v1.34.800.2
  4. Island:1.83.802.2

All after the update to 1.83.802.2  now players and even I get kicked every 15-20 min and have to rejoin. 

All servers have been running perfect last few months then immediately after update they all showed this issue of disconnecting or kicking players every 15-20 min. Even Extinction is doing it which does not have event running on it.


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5 hours ago, pendrag said:


Are your systems clustered for the game?

Far as I know Microsoft store version does not allow clustering. I have a work around that has been pretty solid syncing files across servers. 
I noticed this last update they added the 'activeEvent" field under advanced. If they add one for clusterName that would resolve private servers from not being able to cluster properly. There is a lot of functionality xbox/pc version does not offer over steam. see this post for better outline: 


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4 hours ago, namtr0 said:

I noticed this last update they added the 'activeEvent" field under advanced. If they add one for clusterName that would resolve private servers from not being able to cluster properly.

Thanks for the update about the Advanced Tab; it writes to the GameUserSettings.ini under Server Settings. Agreed, if they added the ClusterName one it would make life easier.

I have gone through the document in the past, just was curious on your setup. I will eventually spin up a second VM; just would really like the ability to live transfer from map to map.

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Ya the only way to do it is to copy the profile/tribe/cluster folders over from one map to other I have a task syncing them to a folder all systems have access to. It was a mess to get working.

Profiles and tribe files are in saved ark location but clusters\solecluster\ is where it saves any uploaded items to, but folder is not made until you do it. They really need to just add the cluster value. or a field to type in your own console launch commands. I'm pretty sure I found the file but it's encrypted and not able to  be take ownership of to edit, so it's pretty locked out which is fine, if they'd offer some way to make our own clusters.

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Same issue as described, Win10 Dedicated Server hosting 2 Xbox Ones, 1-LAN 1-WiFi, connection to host lost error repeats every ~30-min, Xbox game close/restart required to rejoin... Server has had no issue.  Also NO Menu Item Transfer Sound...

UPDATE: 10/30;  Win10 Server (hosting Island) update patch via Microsoft Store MADE THINGS WORSE... No Issues Fixed but made Xbox One Client  Crashes More Frequent and VERY DIFFICULT to get logged back onto server [Wi-Fi and LAN].   10/31; Server is currently updating large patch v1.84.802.2.  Will post again.

UPDATE: 11/03: Just installed Microsoft Store Update v1.86.802.2  SAME EXACT ISSUES clients run for 30-minutes then session terminates, No Sound when transferring to inventory, Also [not mentioned prior] Feeding Trough Area Ring active on start-up... must be turned "ON" in Trough menu then terminated "OFF" again to cycle it off... just say'n 

UPDATE 11/08: Played Microsoft Store Update v1.87.803.2; FIXED Menu Sound Issue, Active Trough Range Ring... NOT FIXED Xbox One Clients [LAN and Wi-Fi] Connection Lost To Server approx. every 30-minutes, Now Requires Game Restart On Console  to Rejoin Session... No Recognized Anomalies Observed On Windows 10 Dedicated Server... 


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Update to this post for things I've tried:

  1. Reboot server
  2. Turned off event
  3. Verified other maps I have are doing it
  4. deleted UWP folder items so server is back to stock setting
  5. Played on Official ragnarok pve server (does not have the issue)
  6. Reset application from Windows
  7. Tried playing on map I had not run server for before "Valguero"
  8. Tweeted at survive the ark about the issue @survivetheark : https://twitter.com/survivetheark
  9. Currently uninstalled rebooted and am reinstalling


Anyone at SurviveTheArk seeing this? or want to respond?!

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Hello guys... so hopfully someone have answers to my problem...

so 2-3 weeks ago i started a Dedicated server on my Pc from Microsoft store (not Steam) with my second xbox profile for my self and friends if any wanted to join me on xbox one x everything was fine untile the halloween event update after the update i started the server like i usually do but this time me and my friend we're getting kicked out every 25-30 minutes we have to quit the game start the game and then login in the server... every 25-30 minutes so it really sucks i tried to reset my internet connection i uninstalled the game on my pc and xbox reinstalled it but still having the same problem...

hopfully anyone knows what to do or know if wildcard are working on it but i doubt it cuz i made a ticket and well... here i am so... it says it all lol...

Ps : sorry for my bad english if some of this makes no sense lmk...

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2 hours ago, drewsandiego said:

+1  -- I am having the same issue. Players on Xbox and Win10 are getting kicked every 25-30 minutes. Started after I installed the Fear Event update. I verified my port forward settings, rebooted, excluded the game files from AV. The server has been running fine for weeks before this. Currently serving the Ragnarok map.

meh... then i think it's fair to say that it's wildcards fault again... lol usual stuff i don't remember them not messing up something after new updates xD so we will have to wait for them to fix this i guess... soon hopefully...

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I had to do this so the event was not a complete waste.

Built a small town with boxes in each house and gave each user who wanted a pin code to set of boxes with event items in them. Then restocked and reset pin for next person. Had 6 boxes per house and had some help from another player restocking and resetting. 

Put it out as a trick or treat event. Then losed a handful of ghost and bone dinos at the end.

Everyone was happy as disconnecting every 20 min makes the game near unplayable for events or hunts.


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I just recently purchased ark on my pc, (windows 10, not steam) and me and my friend were playing just fine on our Xbox one’s, and running a dedicated server from my pc. But ever since the Halloween event, anytime you join the server, you time out after exactly 30 min. I’ve tried restarting, updates, etc to no avail. I keep dying randomly from the time out, and most cases losing dynos. It is greatly frustrating as I am not computer savvy and I just can’t handle this anymore. Anyone have this happen to them?

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