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Community Crunch 245: Extra Life, Free Weekend, and More!

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Free weekend, so that means lag the whole weekend?

I was thinking the same thing. We have been looking forward to extra life all year, but with everything *planned* it is bound to be a fiasco. I am so sad right now, I could cry. 

*looks at Community Crunch* *looks at day of the week* *looks at Community Crunch again*

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On 11/5/2020 at 3:08 PM, Allanballan said:

Do they need to restart the servers every time they change rates? In that case there will be many restarts😂

Please don’t spoil the whole genesis part 2 for us now Wildcard, save something!

I know its volunteer to watch but spoilers is hard to avoid anyway.

I liked your early days approach better with the Mysterious Mysteries.

At least the teasers are given for a good cause. Lets break that record!✌️

They have more, don’t worry.

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