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Community Crunch 245: Extra Life, Free Weekend, and More!

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Free weekend, so that means lag the whole weekend?

I was thinking the same thing. We have been looking forward to extra life all year, but with everything *planned* it is bound to be a fiasco. I am so sad right now, I could cry. 

*looks at Community Crunch* *looks at day of the week* *looks at Community Crunch again*

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ugh free steam weekend and Extra Life at the same time .... joy as said the free maps are gonna get killed .... plus the island is gonna be hammered while people might be trying to raise babies etc with the event going on ... looks like it could be an event to donate and just watch / casual play instead of actually playing properly ....

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On 11/5/2020 at 5:53 PM, MatiPrimitive said:

i lost a skeletal wyvern chibi due to a server rollback. That is unfair i need it back

You think that's unfair, haha?

I lost my entire character. I've submitted a support ticket, now I'm just hoping I get a response soon. Though I am sure I have already lost the 15 Dino's I was raising along with the 2 event reapers. 

But I am sorry you lost the chibi.

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I Also lost a 136 character right before 8x  not a happy chappy I’ve also subbed a ticket but response time is typically slow and 8x is in a few hours and I don’t think they will restore boss fights so we have been screwed tbh the time it takes to farm a set of fights plus the hrs it takes to get the higher levels is Insaine  

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How do i report a bug that cost me 3 dinos and tons of stiuff they had in inventory? Is there a point to reporting it? Am i going to have my stuff replaced? Is this enough to turn me off of ark permanently? I work alot. It takes me almost a month to raise a quetz. Then it takes 1 bug to lose that quetz in 1 second. @&%$!? THIS SUCKS WILDCARD!

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4 minutes ago, Rob1 said:

Stinky no they will no longer imp hatched tames and have never replaced gear welcome to ark 

Sadly Ark customer support is really bad. Also their admin are represive and have never heard of responding to threads. But will ban you very fast ofc. without a proper response or comment on what you wrote. They say the fish stinks at it's head.

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5.45pm GMT Extra Life event launches

5.46pm GMT Server maintenance begins

5.47pm GMT Xbox  44.84GB  update begins

download speed 1.47mps presumably because the entire ark community have to download the same thing and WC "didn't expect such a high demand"

Thanks Wildcard, for making sure I(we) miss the first 10 hours of a 24 hour event that we have all been looking forward to and planning for. Many people i know of planned days off around this event that you screwed up by launching a MASSIVE TLC update right at the start. 

Imagine, if all those twitch streamers and youtubers that are promoting the Extra life event also had to wait the first 10 hours of the event to download the update.......your twitch stream would just be 3 guys repeating the genesis 2 trailer because they had nothing else to talk about!!! oh wait, thats what i just turned off!!!



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