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Any Idea what causes this error?

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Hey buddy, i got the same problem from at least 2 months ago... and still be going on... I cant be in game more than 1 hour that it crashes, or mostly the times it get me kicked out from serer every dam 10 or less minutes. I think its a problem of server/game that WildCard must to repair (NOT FIX and NO PATCH.... R E P A I R). But you know... it will not happen from 2 months ago, so will not happen now... Good Luck. :)

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On 05.11.2020 at 13:26, WaightZer said:

Несколько дней назад у меня возникла эта ошибка и вылет игры, а теперь это происходит все чаще и чаще.

Я встречал это на Official Island, SE, Gen1, Rag и Local single player. Так что это практически везде.
Кто-нибудь из вас знает, что и почему могло вызвать это? 


today i got the same error after installing the update 

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Sometimes a problem does not come alone, after all the errors I listed above. . . . 

When Extra life event update comes, I got the above cloudflare error. Which I couldn't even played the game.

But after I restarted the router, the msg gone, but since then I cannot see the OC servers from the list.

So, when the event finished, I verify the game files and hope it fixed, but now . . . all the NA, OC and ASIA servers disappeared from the official list.

In steam server list, all OC and NA servers show "<server not responding>". Its really annoying and disappointing, I don't know whom to approach.

Does anybody has any idea or any clues (apart from using VPN)?

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