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fanfiction Tunguska, a land lost in time.

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A totally new adventure using the same characters in a current 2020 setting.


Tunguska, a land lost in time.


A story of a group of friends traveling together on an unusual vacation to Bermuda during the turbulent times of 2020 that end up lost in the Bermuda Triangle. The story is based upon the popular dinosaur survival game known as Ark Survival Evolved. The map is a user created mod named Tunguska, a series of islands that formed as a result of an asteroid impact upon some unknown world trapped in the prehistoric past.

Characters in this adventure;

Michael and Caroline Allen, age 73. Michael is a Vietnam era Veteran that served in the Rangers in 1968. He suffers from paralysis below his waist as a result of a combat injury while on a covert operation in Laos. His wife is a retired head nurse from the U of M medical division. They both are living in a retirement community in Ann Arbor. Michigan

Denny and Julia Pratt, age 68. Neighbors and good friends of Michael and Caroline. They also live in the same retirement community having served in the military together during the first Gulf War. They had planned to travel together in the spring of 2020 on a European Cruise when all tours were abruptly canceled in late March due to the Covid-19 Pandemic.

Joe and Mary Reeves, age 44 and 42. Newlywed couple. Joe works as a software engineer at the U of M while his new wife works in administration at the University. Joe has a son, age 18, from a previous marriage. His first wife had passed away from ovarian cancer. Sarah Wright is the 17 year old daughter of Mary Wright who’s husband was killed in the War of Terror.

Dr. Sanders, or George, is head professor of the Archaeology Department at the U of M. Age 64. A widower, who had lost his beloved wife to an auto accident some 20 years ago, he has hidden the pain of that tragic event by burying himself into his research of prehistoric history. Recently, he has been traveling with Dr. Croft on both research trips and spring break vacations. Rumors are that they may be taken a serious interest in each other.

Dr. Croft, or Sandra, is a historian of ancient languages at the U of M. At an age of 62, she has remained single preferring to spend her leisure time in reading stories and watching movies of the ancient past. She became an avid fan of the Game of Thrones series of novels and the HBO series of movies. She and Dr. Sanders had traveled together on a custom tour of Croatia in 2019 where they visited many of the villages that were used to film the Game of Thrones series.

Carlos and Micky operates a charter boat service in a remote village outside of Freeport in the Grand Bahamas Island. They specialize in taking small groups of tourist out on deep sea fishing expeditions or serve as a ferry service to several private islands in the area. The Grand Bahamas island chain happens to form the West corner of the notorious Bermuda Triangle, a mysterious area of the Atlantic Ocean noted for the unexplained disappearance of numerous ships and aircraft over the past 75 years.

Dee and Jerry work for Fantastic Tours, which operate out of The Grand Bahamas. Jerry is the company manager while Dee is their booking agent who makes all of the travel arrangements.

Tunguska is an actual location in Siberia that was flattened by a meteorite that exploded with the force of a nuclear weapon. In this story, it is a player created map for Ark Survival Evolved. It is a series of islands created by the impact of a large meteorite. The main island, a crescent shape rim of the crater with the peak forming another island surround by other islands of various climates.


Chapter One, The unexpected vacation.


The year 2020 has been a most disruptive time in Michigan. It started in mid March when Governor Whitmer ordered all schools and collages to shut down for three weeks due to the Covid-19 Pandemic that was being hyped by the news media worldwide. The announcement resulted in panic buying in the stores as they were promptly cleaned out of all cleaning supplies, toilet paper, paper towels, nearly all canned and boxed goods, fresh meats, bread, milk, and just about everything else consumable related. People were in a panic as they started staying home listening to the 24-7 media propaganda to shelter in place. Shortages of those essentials with rationing soon became the norm for the next several weeks. By May 5th, the disruptions had been made worse with the shutdowns of every business the Governor declared as nonessential including churches, barber shops, beauty parlors, gyms, funeral services, weddings, and bars. Unemployment quickly soared to depression levels. It soon looked like that the forced shutdown would continue indefinitely with no end in sight.

Michael, Caroline, Denny, and Julia, were getting bored with it all as they found themselves turned into prisoners in their retirement community apartment with nothing to do but listen to the depressing news or surf the internet for some entertainment. With their planned European Cruise having been canceled along with all local activities they were active in, including those sponsored by the retirement community, they had been left with nothing to do but surf the Internet or work on various hobby activities that they could do in the confines of their small one bedroom apartment. It was with a surprise that May 5th when there was a knock on their door by a masked USPS driver who delivered a package from Fantastic Tours to Michael that required his signature, given that all such deliveries were going directly to the community office to be delivered with their daily meals to their apartments.

Getting together with Denny and Julia, their next door neighbors who had also received the same package with a return address from Fantastic Tours, a travel agency they have done business with on a regular basis, they proceeded to open the mysterious packages. Inside is a travel brochure to Grand Bahama Islands, the travel agenda, all of the paperwork required for overseas travel exemptions under the current travel ban, and a letter from the manager of the travel agency.

“This is most interesting,” Michael tells the others as he reads the note enclosed in the package “Jerry has arranged for us to go on a special group tour to their private resort in the Bahamas for a month. He states that this trip is to make up for the one he was forced to cancel and that all of our expenses will be taken care of. He states that he will be traveling with us along with Dee, his secretary, to serve as our guides. We are to pack light and will be picked up by private limo on May 11th at 9AM where we will be taken to board a private charter at Ann Arbor Municipal Airport. The only requirement are that we must continue to shelter in place and will be tested for exposure to the COVID-19 virus on Friday. We’ll be traveling together as a group of twelve.”

“Sounds like that this should be a most interesting trip if Jerry and Dee are going along with us,” answers Denny.

“I do believe that they wants to be sure that this is a smooth trip for Michael,” answers Caroline. “Traveling abroad to unknown destinations has been a problem for Michael in the past with customs and finding places to recharge the batteries in his mobility Amigo.”

“It’s a great excuse to get out of this prison,” reports Michael. “Outside in the fresh air is so much better then being confined in this apartment for months on end with no end in sight.”

“Is there any other information about the other six people that will be traveling with us?” asks Denny.

“No,” answers Caroline. “I guess that we will find out who they are when we board the private charter this coming Monday.”

“We should get prepared for this unusual trip” reports Michael. “Lets take advantage of getting away from this COVID-19 insanity before Governor Whitmer decides to place the entire state under martial law. I’m going to call the travel agency to confirm the trip.”

That Monday morning, around 8:45, they get a phone call from Dee to confirm that they are ready for the trip. She tells the two couples that they have tested negative for the Covid-19 Virus and that she will be escorting them from the retirement community to the waiting limo in about ten minutes. “We’re ready,” answers Michael and Denny. The limo, a vehicle similar to a community bus, comes equipped with a handicap lift designed to handle Michael’s Amigo. It also handles the luggage the two couples have brought down from their apartments using a luggage cart.

Dee drives the bus to the administration building on the U of M campus where she picks up their other six passengers. They are introduced to each other as she drives the custom limo to the airport.

“It sure is great to get away from the insanity in Michigan,” Joe tells Michael. “It’s been such a pain to work from home when my son needs to use his computer to search online for a job, any job.”

“Even though I have access to my network at the U of M, it’s been a hassle having my work constantly interrupted by lag due to the heavy internet traffic,” reports Mary.

“Don’t you have the best high speed internet available to you on the University in Ann Arbor? asks Michael.

“We do but it is being swamped by all of the people being forced to work at home as well as by everyone else in town that is using it for Zoom Meetings and streaming entertainment,” answers Mary.

“It has been tough at times with timing out when I have to start over and over while filling out my resume,” reports Tod. “The applications will not accept any text pasted into them. At night, I have had issues with high ping when playing Ark Survival Evolved online with my friends.”

“It will be great just to get away from it all for a month,” Sarah tells everyone. “It has been so boring being stuck in the basement trying to chat with my friends on Twitter.”

“I know that feeling,” answers Michael. “We have been so used to traveling to see the sights around the world. It’s so much better to see them in person then on a big screen TV using You Tube.”

“Would it be rude to ask you how you lost the use of your legs?” asks Sarah.

“Not at all,” answers Michael. “At one time, I would have never told anyone, even the crisis workers from the VA, about what happened to me that day in Laos. The day that I faced that demon turned out to be the happiest day in my life. That is when I met and fell in love with Caroline.”

“I was on a covert patrol in Laos where we were observing activity on the Ho Chi Minh Trail. We were heading back to our pickup point traveling through heavy brush when Root’s grenade went off while still hooked to his web belt. A fragment of that grenade hit me in the back severing my spine. I was powerless to help him as he laid on the ground screaming in agony from a huge hole in his side. Our medic was unable to do anything about the pain. He died an hour later while we were being evacuated by helicopter to the nearest field hospital.”

“Oh, how awful,” answers Sarah in shock.

“After I had went through my recovery and post traumatic stress therapy, I was able to find employment in architecture design. At first, all of that work was done through drafting on large sheets of paper. I helped my company set up design work on the computer when they were able to obtain one of the high end IBMs using the newly develop AutoCad. As computer technology caught up with the potential of using CAD for drafting work, it really speed-ed up the process of architecture design for my employer.”

“That’s great,” answers Sarah. “Few of us realize that at one time, computers were the size of huge cabinets and had very little graphic handling capability.”

“Cad really took off when high resolution monitors became available with large format plotters,” answers Michael. “Unlike your 1080P on your laptop, ours 1080P equivalent were of the CRT type that weighed some 400 pounds and cost several thousands dollars.”

“That’s incredible” answers Tod. “And I thought that a good gaming system was expensive.”

“It took the invention of the blue LED and the large scale interrogated circuit to make to make the home computer, then laptops and flat screen monitors a reality,” answers Michael. “No one could ever imagine in the 80s that the home computer would become so powerful, or affordable, that you could play a video game with the graphic quality of watching the movie Avatar in real time at high resolution.”

“It certainly makes it fun playing Ark Survival Evolved,” answers Tod.

“Taming dinosaurs and riding on them like horses, what a ridiculous reality such a concept is in your computer game,” answers Dr. Sanders with disgust.

“The world of Game Of Thrones is just fantasy as well,” answers Dr. Croft. “At least, Tod has the ability to ride on dragons in that game. One can only imagine what that experience would be like for real.”

“I think that we have all been cooped up too long in our homes with nothing to do,” answers Sarah in an effort to defuse the conversation. “Lets look forward to getting away from it all for the next four weeks.”

Arriving at the airport, the custom limo is waved through a service gate by Homeland Security where it is parked on the tarmac next to an unmarked corporate jet. A lift is waiting to move Michael up to the door with his Amigo. The luggage is loaded into the cargo hold by masked ground crew as the rest of the party boards the jet to be seated into executive lounge chairs in preparation for takeoff. With a refueling stop in Newark, the flight makes it to Freeport by mid afternoon. Here, they board an airport limo where they meet up with Jerry, where they make a one hour trip to a small fishing village in a remote part of the main island. A deep sea fishing boat, operated by Carlos Charters, is waiting to transport them to a private island resort that belongs to the travel agency.

On board the 50 foot vessel, everyone is seated for the three hour trip to the resort island of Fantastic Tours. “Dinner will be waiting for everyone,” Carlos, the chubby boat captain tells everyone. His skinny mate, Micky, makes sure that everyone is familiar with the safety equipment on board before he cast off the lines holding the boat to the dock.

“I hope that this is not Gilligans Island,” Mary whispers to Joe.

“Well, at least his boat isn’t named ‘The Minnow’” answers Joe

The sea is quite smooth as the boat clears the harbor and heads out to sea. As they clear the buoys marking the reef, they are out into the open sea as Carlos opens up the throttle of the two diesel engines to make the 75 mile trip to the private island.

It is two hours later that the charter boat runs into a fog bank that seems to come out of nowhere. Their destination had been in sight but now it had vanished in the thickening haze. Carlos appears to be worried as he slows down the engines to idle, the fog now getting so thick that he can no longer see the bow from the bridge.

“What’s going on?” asks Jerry.

“I don’t know,” answers Carlos. “With the radar having lost a signal on your island and the compass spinning like crazy, we are now traveling blind. I have never seen such pea soup like this before. It’s weird out there.”

Micky is now getting everyone into life vest as Carlos activates the automatic foghorn. “Not to worry,” he tells everyone. “It is just a precaution while we are traveling in such dense fog.” The fog continues to get worse as everyone goes inside to get away from it. Soon, it is getting pitch black outside even though it is only late afternoon according to the clock.

Carlos has been on the radio trying to contact harbor control at Freeport, or anyone else to find out what is going on with the weather. There is no radio traffic at all on any of the marine channels, even the emergency channel has no radio traffic. All that is being received is a strange eerie static.

Suddenly, both engines quit running as the lights go out. The automated foghorn stops working. Fumbling around in the dark, Micky finds an emergency lantern, which shorts out five seconds after he turns it on. Dr. Sanders takes out a cigarette lighter from his pocket, but, it won’t light or even set off a spark. Dr. Croft has gone to the head to look for the second emergency lantern. Everyone is soon in a panic when a strange glow starts to appears outside all around them followed by a high pitch hum that causes everyone to pass out.

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Chapter Two. The Land of Tunguska


It is early the next morning as Michael is the first one to wake up from whatever it was that render everyone unconscious. He finds himself lying naked in the sand, face up, on the sandbar of a strange looking tropical island. The sandbar he is on has several palm trees growing on it as well as palms that are uprooted and laying in the sand. Branches and palm fronds litter this beach along with shells, driftwood, and small stones among some larger boulders. It is a beautiful morning with puffy clouds in the blue sky as he struggles to sit up, then to his astonishment, he finds that he has regained control of his legs. He is soon able to stand up and walk around without any assistance whatsoever.

“Michael, is that you!” an astonished Caroline asks in a panic as she wakes up seeing what looks like her naked husband standing nearby.

“This is so strange,” Michael tells her. “Where are we? On Fantasy Island? What happened to our clothes? How did we end up on shore? Where’s the boat? How is it that I can walk for the first time with no assistance in over 50 years? What is this thing doing in my left wrist?”

“We had better go find the others, then look for the answers to those questions.” Caroline tells him.

Denny and Julia are soon spotted a short distance up on the sand point. “Is that Michael standing next to you?” asks Denny in surprise.

“It sure is,” answers Caroline. “I am just as astonished as you are. It looks like that you both have those strange gems in your left wrist. Any idea how those got there?”

“We have no idea,” answers Julia. “They appeared when we woke up from whatever knocked us out. Has anyone seen the charter boat?”

“No,” answers Michael. “This beach, it looks so strange. While there are branches, shells and palm fronds littering it, has anyone seen any trash such as plastic water bottles?”

“Come to think of it, no,” answers Julia. “Bahamas beaches are always full of trash washed up on them or left by the tourist. Where could we possibly be where the beaches are so clean?”

“Here’s Jerry and Dee,” reports Michael. “Maybe they know what’s going on.” With the reunion of six of the survivors of that strange event, a ton of questions are now in order.

“I have no idea what just happened to us,” Jerry tells the others as they ask him about the strange event. “This is definitely not our resort island. Nowhere in the Bahamas can one see what looks like snow capped mountains in the distance, or that rocky desert island to the Southeast.”

“Lets keep looking for the others,” orders Michael. “Then, we can worry about where we are and how we can get back to your island.”

Joe and Mary, with their two teen children, are the next ones to show up as the six survivors head down the sandbar towards the forest of the mainland. “My son seems to know what’s going on and where we are,” Joe tells the others. “He says that we are located in an island chain known as Tunguska. He recognizes this place from a player created map from his video game Ark Survival Evolved. He says that those gems implanted in our arms are called Specimen Implants, that we can use them for information, crafting useful items, and as a backpack.”

“How does he know all that?” asks Michael.

“This island we are on looks exactly like Secret Island from that player created mod map,” reports Tod. “The other islands that we can see from our location on this sandbar look exactly like those in the game map, even that giant dead tree and stone arch on that island in the East. I’m willing to bet that the seawater is fresh water, that is safe to drink. If those three floating obelisk show up through the clouds, I will know for sure that we are now survivors placed in an Ark for real.”

“He’s right,” answers Caroline after she walks down to the water to check it out. “That is fresh water. We can’t possibly be on an island in the Atlantic Ocean.”

It is around this time that Micky comes running down the beach towards them with Carlos following close by. “Dinosaurs, Dinosaurs, I saw a Dinosaurs,” Micky is shouting as he runs towards them.

“He’s right,” reports Carlos as he points to the treeline. “I though that he had gone crazy until I saw what looked like a pair of Trikes grazing in the trees.”

“This place is getting stranger by the minute,” answers Michael. “Carlos, what happened to your boat?”

“I have no idea,” Carlos answers. “Like the rest of you, I found myself laying on the beach. It’s nowhere in sight.”

“We must be in the Bermuda Triangle,” answers Denny. “I have read about ships and planes just vanishing for no reason at all. It does make sense with us running into that strange fog, then waking up on this mysterious island in the prehistoric past.”

“There those obelisk Tod was talking about,” reports Joe as two of the obelisk become visible through the cloud cover. “Now what do we do?”

“We had better get prepared to defend ourselves from possible attack from prehistoric predators,” warns Tod. “If this place is anything like my game, we will soon have to defend ourselves from compys, spitters, and raptors.”

“What should we do?” asks Michael as a prehistoric flying reptile known as a pteradon lands nearby them, then takes off again.

“Lets start by picking up those loose items laying here in the beach,” instructs Tod. “As you can see, I have already used that gem in my arm to craft up a stone pick from the materials I found on lying the beach. Gather those materials, craft the pick, hit that rock over there with it to get some flint, craft a hatchet, make several spears, and craft up some thatch clothes. Later, we can work on building a shelter and getting better equipped with weapons for our defense.”

“He’s right,” reports Michael. “If prehistoric predators are living here with us, we had better get some weapons to defend ourselves with. Lets get to work everyone.”

As everyone is in the process of crafting up their first primitive weapons and clothing, some more of the creatures living on the mysterious island start showing up on the sandbar. “Are those Dodo Birds?” asks Mary.

“They most certainly are,” answers Tod. “At least we now have a source for eggs, hide, and raw meat.”

“They are so cute,” complains Sarah. “I don’t want to kill any of them.”

“Well, at least, you can pick up the eggs that they lay,” answers Tod.

“What is this cute little reptile?” asks Sarah as she goes looking for Dodo eggs. “It’s just staring at me. Oh. You have buddies. OUCH! You little DireWolf! Why did you bite me?”

“KILL THEM!” orders Tod. “Spears to the ground as you go backwards.”The attacking chicken size reptiles are soon killed off.

“What were those things” complains Sarah as she is crying from the stress and pain of the unexpected attack.

“Those were Compys,” answers Tod as he and Michael proceeds to chop them up for raw meat and hide. “Alone, they just act curious. As a pack, they will attack taking bites out of you until you die from a death of a thousand cuts.”

“Lets head down to the water so that I can clean up and bandage that wound,” Caroline tells Sarah. “Where did that thing bite you?”

“Right here on my leg,” answers Sarah. “What the? I could have sworn that thing took a chunk out of my leg.”

“It’s just like Ark in my video game,” Tod tells Sarah. “It probably did take a chunk of flesh out of your leg, but like the game, it appears that we can heal up just as fast.”

“Lets have one of us watch for danger as the rest of us continue working on clothing, weapons, and a shelter.” orders Michael.

“The good news is that I can now craft bolas from their hide,” reports Tod. “If this place is like that mod map, we may have to use bolas to immobilize any attacking raptors.”

The conversation gets interrupted when they see Dr. Sanders come running towards them screaming in terror with a spitter hot on his tail. As Dr. Sanders runs by the group, he trips on a downed palm tree hitting the ground face first. Michael immobilizes the spitter with a newly crafted bola as Tod knocks it unconscious with a rock to its head from his new slingshot. “Don’t kill it!” orders Tod. “I want to see if taming will work in this world.”

“Taming!” answers Michael in surprise. “Is that even possible?”

“I’ll soon find out,” answers Tod as he places some raw meat into what is called the creature’s inventory. “We can still kill him if taming doesn’t work here.”

Meanwhile, Sarah and Mary are over by a very upset Dr. Sanders as they help him to get back up. “What in the hell is going on around here!” shouts an angry and exhausted Dr. Sanders. “What kind of joke are you people playing on me?”

“We have no idea,” answers Mary. “This is certainly not the resort island of Fantastic Tours. Here, put on these clothes. Tod believes that we have become survivors in one of his video games.”

“Ridiculous,” answers Dr. Sanders in contempt. “Even the fantasy world of Tron didn’t exist back in my younger days.”

“Well, maybe you had better take a look at what was chasing you,” answers Sarah in disgust. “Oh, It looks like Tod has actually tamed it.”

“Tod is correct,” reports Michael. “We are no longer in the real world.”

“But, that thing wanted to eat me,” complains Dr. Sanders.

“You’re safe Dr. Sanders.” answers Tod. “Tamed Spitters are very friendly in the world of Ark. Come over here and have a look at a real live Dilopasaur. Fido will enjoy all of the attention.”

Dr. Sanders is now totally confused. He is staring in total disbelief at a live creature from the prehistoric past that’s chirping happily from all of the attention. Finally, he answers. “How did we get on Jurassic Park?”

“We didn’t,” answers Tod. “Jurassic Park is just a movie with good computer created graphics. The island it was suppose to exist on is thousands of miles away from the Bahamas. Some ET must be using us for an experiment in survival on a real Ark. How else can you explain those strange looking towers floating in the distant sky?”

“I guess I can’t,” answers Dr. Sanders as he is looking at them. “Are you sure that creature is really safe?”

“He’s safe,” answers Tod. “He is now our watch dog. I can even command him to go hunt for us. I’ll demonstrate how they can hunt by telling him to go kill that Dodo over there.” With a whistle command, the dilo locates the Dodo, runs over towards it as the Dodo takes off running away in fear, spits on it to immobilize it, then kills and eats it. He then comes back to Tod to get petted. “He even got some hide from the Dodo for us.”

“How were you able to train him so fast?” asks Dr. Sanders.

“My Specimen Implant allows me to control him,” answers Tod. “And, as far as your Jurassic Park reference, here, catch.”

“Nerd Classes!” Dr. Sanders answers in shock.

“Indeed, the Ark Gods are definitely playing with us.” answers Tod. “These represent the glasses Dennis was wearing in that Jurassic Park movie when he was killed by a Dilo while attempting to steal frozen dinosaur embryos during a storm.”

“Have you seen Dr. Croft anywhere?” Mary asks Dr. Sanders.

“No,” answers Dr. Sanders. “When I woke up, I found myself laying alone in the bushes. Then Tod’s new pet spit that green crap at me as I started running towards the sandbar where the rest of you were located.”

“Interesting,” answers Michael. “We have been here for almost an hour when you just showed up being chased by Fido? We must not all be appearing here at the same time, or in the same place. It’s possible that Dr. Croft may appear around here at any time, somewhere else, or maybe, not at all. We’ll just have to keep looking for her as we get established, then explore these island to find a way back home.”

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Chapter Three. Our first night on Ark.


It is around noon as a campfire is cooking up the raw meat from some more compys. “What do you think that it will taste like, chicken?” comments Julia as she is tending the fire where the strips of raw meat are cooking over a spit.

“Given that my research suggest that birds evolved from the dinosaurs and that the compys are about their size, it may very well taste like chicken,” answers Dr. Sanders.

“We now have the ability to craft the bow with arrows,” reports Tod.

“Are they going to be any good for hunting and our defense?” asks Michael.

“With some skill in using them, they should work quite well,” answers Tod. “Lets practice on taking out some of those Dodo Birds nearby. If you aim for their head, these stone arrows will be a lot more effective in killing them, especially the high level ones.”

“High level ones?” questions Michael.

“Every creature in this world has levels,” answers Tod. “The higher the level, the stronger and tougher they are. The bows here work just like the ones in the real world. You will need to aim higher the further away your target is. We do have to inspect them for wear and repair them as they wear out.”

“Why should I have to learn how to use a bow with arrows and a bola?” complains Dr. Sanders.

“Because, we are no longer on top of the food chain in this world,” answers Tod. “If you ever get separated from the rest of us, some raptor will pin you to the ground, then start having you for their lunch.”

With crafted bows, all of the men and women proceed to practice on a target dummy with their crafted bows and arrows. It doesn’t take long for them to get good at it, even the doubting Dr. Sanders.

Moving closer to the woods so that they can gather berries from the bushes for food, the survivors start construction on a thatch shelter for the night. While eating some of the berries he has gathered, Dr. Sanders suddenly falls to the ground unconscious.

“What happened to Dr. Sanders?” asks Sarah in alarm.

“He probably ate a hand full of Narcoberries,” answers Tod. “Keep an eye on him so that he doesn’t become a meal for some predator living in those woods while the rest of us get this sheltered prepared for the night. When he wakes up, you should go ask him what he was eating.”

Waking up after several minutes, Dr. Sanders is complaining about suddenly passing out while eating the berries for food. “What colored berries were you eating when you passed out,” Tod asks him in disgust.

“The black ones,” answers Dr. Sanders. “They were so tasty.”

“Don’t ever eat any more of those black ones,” warns Tod sternly. “Those are Narcoberries. They are what knocked you out. Save them for us to use for taming.”

“Don’t eat any of the white ones either. They will dehydrate you. Save them for use as an anti toxin in case you are bitten by a Troodon. If this place is like my game, they will be out there hunting for food after dark. Those things will put you to sleep so that they can eat your face off at their leisure.”

“This place gets crazier all of the time,” complains Dr. Sanders.

“The other colored berries are safe to eat,” Tod tells him. “Save us the purple ones so we can use them for taming the herbivores.”

“Now, I know you’re crazy,” grumbles Dr. Sanders.

“We’ll find out once we have crafted up some narcotics so that we can make tranc arrows.” answers Tod. “I want to tame those two Trikes that Micky saw back in the woods this morning. We can use them to gather berries and thatch for us.”

As evening approaches, a cold rain starts coming down. “Lets get a fire going so we can stay warm,” orders Tod. “The light from the fire will repel any Troodons when it gets dark out.”

Later that night, the rain clears out where there is soon a bright moon shining down on the thatch campsite. All three obelisks are soon visible, their distinct colors pulsating in the distance. While a watch has been set up for the night, it doesn’t go as planned. While on watch duty, Dr. Sanders has fallen asleep letting the fire in front of the thatch hut go out. The stressful day had made everyone quite tired and feeling secured in their thatch hut. The peaceful sounds of the smaller creatures in the nearby woods has lulled everyone into a false sense of security.

It is around 2 AM when Fido goes into a panic attacking the back wall of the thatch hut which wakes up everyone. “What’s going on,” asks Dr. Sanders in a panic.

“Light a torch and get out of the way,” orders Tod. “Everyone arm yourselves with bow and arrows. When that wall gets torn down, there is going to be a pack of Troodons coming through to get us. Get ready, here they come.”

Everyone is now prepared just in time as the thatch wall gets ripped apart. Fido spits on the nearest pair of glowing eyes as everyone else starts shooting arrows at the threats rushing in to get them.

A Troogon gets by the defenders going after Dr. Sanders who has dropped his torch to run into a corner in a panic. Michael stabs the attacking Troogon with a spear as Dr. Sanders falls to the ground unconscious.

The attack ends when Michael lights up a standing torch which causes two of the Troodons to run off into the safety of the woods. But, the damage has been done. Fido has been killed defending the survivors from the Troodon. In the panic, he has been hit with two arrows as well as having been badly bitten by a Troodon that hit him from behind. However, the survivors have managed to take out eight of them while only having Dr. Sanders as the single casualty among them. They, including Fido, are harvested for their meat and hide.

Caroline goes over to check on the unconscious Dr. Sanders. “I’m just going to let him sleep it off,” she tells the others. “If I force feed him some stimberries, he will have to get a drink to counteract the dehydrating effect and expose us to some more danger hiding out there.”

“Could we make some canteens to have some water on us?” asks Michael.

“We could make waterskins,” answers Tod. “But they leak. We can rig up a water pipe from the sea into our house instead. In the morning, we should head for a large flat area I know about and build a proper house out of wood and stone to keep the Troodons from getting us after dark.”

It is an hour before dawn when Dr. Sander finally wakes up from the effects of the Troodon bite to his arm. Caroline has wrapped it up with a makeshift bandage given that it was such a nasty bite.

“Ohhh, what happened,” asks a groggy Dr. Sanders.

“You let the fire go out when you were suppose to be on watch,” a disgusted Michael tells him. “Then, you dropped your torch and ran into the back corner causing one of those Troogens to get by us to attack you. Your irresponsible behavior not only placed us all in danger, it got Fido killed as he tried to defend us from ten of those nasty things. Tod is most correct about us not being on top of the food chain around here. You can let your chewed up arm remind you just how dangerous this place can be while it is healing up!”

“You think that we will have to deal with any more of those Troodons?” asks Sarah.

“Not at this time,” answers Tod. “After losing most of their pack to us last night, they won’t be a threat so long as we all stick together. Lets repair the damage to this hut, then we can head along the beach to that flat area by the big rock and start building a more secure structure.”

As the morning light starts shining along the edge of the wood line to the beach, Tod has observed a pair of raptors hunting along their intended path. “Damn,” says Joe. “How are we going to get by them.”

“We should see if we can tame them,” answers Tod. “Caroline, How many narcotics have you been able to craft up?”

“I now have about 20,” answers Caroline.

“Excellent,” answers Tod. “I’ll use them to craft up 20 tranc arrows. There should be enough materials on hand to make a pair of saddles for them. Lets get those made, then go tame them. They will make far more effective watchdogs then the spitters.”

“You have got to be crazy,” answers Dr. Sanders who is still complaining about his sore arm. “Funny you didn’t try to tame one of those Troodons last night.”

“They are not worth the effort needed to tame them,” answers Tod. “To tame one, you have to trap it in a pen, then feed it several of your tames. I am not going to feed any of our tames to those glowing red eye devils.”

“How disgusting!” answers Sarah.

“Here is the plan for getting those two raptors. Michael and I will head over to where they are hunting and get their attention. They should come running straight to us when we are out in the open. That’s when we will tangle their legs with the bolas, We’ll then switch to tranc arrows and shoot them in the head until they drop unconscious. Then, we can tame them with some raw meat.”

“What if ten tranc arrows each is not enough?” asks Michael.

“We can always use the slingshot as a backup,” answers Tod.

“Lets go do it,” orders Michael.

Prepared with tranc arrows, slingshots, and bolas, Tod and Michael head down the beach with Joe and Denny serving as backup. Getting into the position they want to be, Tod yells at the raptors to get their attention. They promptly come charging straight at them. “Wait until they get close before releasing the Bola,” Tod tells Michael. “The timing is perfect as two raptors are immobilized by the bola. “Wait five seconds for the narcs to have their full effect, Tod tells Michael as they are now shooting the two raptors in the head. With the fifth arrow, both raptors go down unconscious.

“Ahhhhh!” Dr. Sanders is suddenly observed running towards the foursome with a raptor hot on his tail. It leaps onto him pinning him to the ground just as two bolas snag the raptor before it can do any serious injury to him with it’s claw hook.

“Tranc Arrows,” orders Tod. “It takes all ten arrows to drop this one which then falls unconscious onto Dr. Sanders.

“Help us drag it off of him,” orders Michael.

“Ohhhh.” Dr Sanders grumbles in pain.

“Next time you pull a stunt like that, we’ll just let that predator eat your face off!” Michael yells at him.

“I tried to stop him, but he just took off to see what you were doing,” answers Caroline all out of breath.

“Well, maybe this time he will learn a lesson about just rushing headlong into danger,” answers Joe.

“I doubt it,” answers Denny.

Dr. Sanders is really upset by now, so he limps back into the thatch hut and slams the door shut nearly knocking it off of the hinges. Dee goes back inside to have a long talk to him about his know it all behavior.

“Hey, it looks like that was a high level pack leader that was chasing Dr. Sanders,” reports Tod. “With this male and those two females, we will have a mate boosted pack.”

“What is mate boosted?” asks Jerry who has come out to see how the taming is coming along.

“It means that so long as we have a male and female together, they will be stronger and tougher,” answers Tod. “These three will be more then enough to deal with any Troodons in the future.”

A third saddle is crafted up as the two females are quickly tamed. “What is taking so long with this male?” asks Michael.

“High level creatures on Ark just take longer to tame,” answers Tod. “He will be well worth the extra effort as he will be much stronger then those two females.”

“Lets do some recon with them as soon as this male completes taming,” reports Michael.

“Most definitely,” answers Tod. “I want to check out that ideal area I used in my game for a secure settlement.”

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Chapter 4. Our Homestead in this Prehistoric World.


With three newly tamed raptors, the taming party heads back to the thatch huts. “They will not be able to carry much weight and have low stamina until we can level them up.” warns Tod. “Lets leave everything other then our bolas and weapons back at camp.”

“How’s Dr. Sanders doing?” Tod asks Dee as she comes out of the thatch hut.

“He is still quite upset at nearly becoming raptor food,” reports Dee. “At least his scrapes and bruises are starting to heal up.”

“We’re going out to explore this island with the raptors,” Tod tells Dee. “If the place I would like to build a more secure home is there, I would like to get started constructing it so we can finish it before dark.”

The recon party of Tod, Michael, and Joe, prepare to travel light on the three raptors. Tod is riding on the pack leader as the other two are riding on the two females.

Heading along the beach, they ride past the big rock. “Excellent,” reports Tod. “The large open area is exactly as it appears in my game. Lets continue along to the stone hill. If I am correct, we will find gold colored rocks along the base that we can mine for metal ore. I’ll gather 12 metal ore so we can start work on metal tools.”

The patrol continues on around the stone hill where metal rock is found. They go back closer to the beach where they use the raptors to do some hunting taking out a Phenoma and another Compy pack. Trikes, Parasaurs, Moschops, and even a sauropod are observed as some of the larger creatures living on the island. With the quick recon and hunting expedition over, they head back to the thatch hut to file a report with the others.

As the raptor patrol arrives, Dr. Sanders comes out of the hut with Dee. He wants to run back inside after his bad experience with them but just stands there with his jaw dropping at the sight of raptors being ridden like horses. “This is crazy,” he responds. “Here I am watching three raptors being ridden like horses.”

“It is safe for you to come over to see Ronnie up close and personal,” answers Tod. “He won’t try to pin you to the ground anymore.”

Dr. Sanders comes out to see the raptors up close but when Ronnie stares at him with a tooth filled grin, he runs off back into the thatch hut.

A meeting is soon called together by Jerry.

“I have confirmed that the location near that big rock is similar to what is in my game for building a secure home,” reports Tod. “There is plenty of wood available to get started on a house along with barn for our tames.”

“We should make the move over there to get a secure place constructed,” answers Michael. “Once we get established there, we should see if we can build a raft and go check out the island with the big stone arch.”

The half hour walk is made to the new site with the three raptors pulling security. A temporary hut is built to store supplies and place a bed. Dr. Sanders is mostly hiding in the shed from the raptors as the rest of the survivors go about constructing a wood house complete with a barn for their tames. Two more spitters and a Moschop are soon added to the tame numbers.

A Lystro is tamed and brought into the temporary hut to keep Dr. Sanders company. “Not to worry Dr. Sanders, “Sarah tells him. “Lystros are very friendly, like dogs.”

“I don’t like dogs,” grumbles Dr. Sanders.

“I’ll have to get you a Dire Wolf for your next tame,” chuckles Tod. “I’ll see you later when the wood structures are finished.”

“Dr. Sanders is sitting there pouting, not enjoying this unplanned stay in a real prehistoric world. Eventually, he is warming up to his prehistoric pet.”

As the men work on building the two structures, the girls have taken on the tasks of taming a pair of Parasaurs they have seen nearby. Under Tod’s instructions, they are immobilized with the bolas, then knocked out with tranc arrows. An hour later, they come back with two saddled Parasaurs that have gathered them lots of berries for them. They are named Perry and Patty.

“Excellent,” Tod tells them after checking out their stats. “I’m going to see if I can place the two of them on alert status. Excellent, that ability works here just like in my game,” Tod tells the others. “They can now warn us of any approaching predators as we continue working on the house and barn.”

Construction continues to go smoothly as a Refining Forge, then a Smithy, are constructed. Taking one of the Parasaurs and Ronnie Raptor with him, Tod takes them over to the large rock structure to mine one of the metal nodes with the first crafted metal pick. Using the Parasaur as a pack mule, Tod is able to bring back about 500 lbs of ore for refining.

“Why did you wait until you crafted a metal pick before mining the ore?” asks Michael.

“The metal pick gathers ten times the ore that a stone pick will,” answers Tod. “As there are only about half a dozen of those nodes on this island, we have to mine them as efficiently as possible. When I can get some more made, They will mine the stones more efficiently so we can craft spark power for the torches and gunpowder for bullets and tranc darts.”

“So, we can then craft up better weapons for our defense?” asks Michael.

“Yes,” answers Tod. “In addition to crossbows, we can get metal hatches and pikes. They will last a lot longer before needing repair. The pikes will not break like the wooden spears can. I would like to get enough picks, hatches, pikes, and crossbows for everyone.”

“We could also make metal sickles but the Moschop will do a faster job at getting fiber from the bushes then we can along with the berries. Later, it we need a more efficient wood and fiber gatherer that can wipe out wild raptors with ease, we can go tame a Theriznosaur. They are much bigger then the Parasaur, are covered with feathers like a bird, and have huge Wolverine like claws on their forearms. Even though they are a herbivore, they are quite territorial. If you see one, keep your distance from them, those claws are deadly.”

“The same warning goes for the Challos. They are about the size of a Parasaur, are stoutly built, have a horse like head and walk on all fours. They can throw boulders at you so keep your distance from them as well.”

“Sounds like we have quite a variety of prehistoric creatures around here,” answers Caroline.

“That’s what I have seen so far,” answers Tod. “For the most part, if we respect their personal space, they will leave us alone.”

A second forge is constructed as another metal run is made to the nearby rock structure. No sooner then the metal has been loaded into the forge for refining when Patty Parasaur sounds off a warning alert.

“What have we got out there at the wood line by the stone plateau?” asks Michael.

“Crap, I was hoping that those feathered raptors wouldn’t be with us in this world,” warns Tod. “That is a Deinonychus. They can be extremely nasty to deal with.”

“Can it be tamed?” asks Michael.

“No,” answers Tod. “To have a tamed one, you have to steal an egg from their nest, hatch it, and hand raise the chick to an adult. Thankfully, I don’t see any of it’s friends nearby. Michael, Denny, Joe, get your bolas, load stone arrows on your bow, and ride on a raptor. You can use your weapons while riding on them. Everyone else, into the house or barn. We have to kill that thing before it comes after one of us. I’m riding on Perry. When it comes in to attack us, I’ll have Perry sound an alarm. If this works like my game, the Deinonychus will stop moving for a second or two. When it does, bola it and shoot it in the head.”

Everyone has scrambled inside for cover as the four individuals quickly get their weapons and get on their mounts. Dr. Sanders has stepped outside to see what is going on as Dee yells at him to get back into the shed and lock the door. The Deinonychus, hearing the argument, comes racing towards the shed as Dr. Sanders runs back inside in a panic.

Sounding the alarm call, Perry causes the Deinonychus to freeze in place. Four bolas go flying and snag the feathered raptors legs. Two salvos of stone arrows to the head and the threat is over.

“Lets make sure that there are no more of them nearby,” warns Tod. “Then, we can let Dr. Sanders look at this one before we feed it to our raptors.” The quick recon spots nothing more then some Dodos, a Phenoma, and a Trike in the distance.

Complaining about all of the ruckus, Dr. Sanders is told that he can now come out to look at the threat. “If you though that it was bad having Ronnie pin you to the ground, this thing would have disemboweled you before you knew what had hit you,” Tod scolds him. “This prehistoric world is nothing like your archaeological digs for fossils. While my game has a spawn bed where you can be reborn, I am not willing to place myself into a position in this world where I might get killed. Are you?”

“I guess not,” Dr Sanders answers as he goes over to look at the dead feathered raptor to examine it.

“A pack of these things are really bad news to any creature larger then them.” Tod tells Dr. Sanders. “They can take down a Bronto, even a T-Rex, by just jumping onto their shoulders or back legs, then chewing holes in them like a shark. When we can tame flying creatures, I’ll go looking for their nest, steal an egg, and let you raise the chick for yourself.”

With the inspection done. Dr. Sanders is told to stand back as Tod turns the three raptors loose on the body. It is ripped to shreds in no time. It is a shocked Dr. Sanders that goes back into the shed to be with the lystro.

By evening, the new house and barn are now finished. Everyone is now armed with metal tools including crossbows. A pair of tamed Trikes now joins the tames that are now in the barn where they will be safe for the night, Four forges are now processing the rest of the metal that has been mined from the base of the stone hill.

“Where do we find more metal if we need it?” asks Michael.

“Other then a couple of pieces from mining the boulders lying around here, we don’t” answers Tod. “We will need to go to the main island where there are large deposits around that huge stone arch. In the morning, we can build a raft to sail over there. Lets also plan on setting up some refining forges over there. We can tame some Trikes to haul the processed metal back to the raft. Perhaps, we can find and kill some more of those big insects to get the materials needed for some Pteradon saddles.”

“Lets take the raptors out and see if we can find some of them around here before it gets dark out,” suggests Michael. Short work is made of about half a dozen of the giant insects as the raptors kill and harvest them for the chitin.

“That’s a start,” reports Tod. “We can look for a high level Pteradon in the morning and attempt to tame it.”

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Chapter 5. Dr Croft’s Fantasy Friends.


It is early morning when two rather large flying creatures are spotted by the morning watch flying in under the rising sun. “Tod, were there dragons in your game?” asks Michael in alarm.

“Yes,” answers Tod. “They lived in a place called the world scar on the far end of that desert island. Why do you want to know?”

“Because, I can see two of them flying towards us.” answers Michael with concern.

“That is not their normal behavior in my game,” reports Tod. “They never stray far from their home in the World Scar. Something is going on with those two that’s way beyond their normal behavior.” With everyone sheltered inside for cover except for Michael and Tod, the two dragons come in to land next to the barn. One of them has someone riding on it.

“Oh My Gosh!” Michael reacts with shock. “Those dragons register as wild. Is that Dr, Croft riding on that female?”

“It sure is,” answers Tod. “She must have somehow made friends with them. That is certainly way beyond the norm in my game. Like the Deinonychus, you cannot tame wild dragons. You have to obtain them by stealing their eggs and hatching them. That action alone will have every dragon in sight going after you. Unlike stealing Deinonychus eggs, escape by trying to fly away from them is next to impossible.”

Everyone is soon coming out of the house or barn as Dr. Croft dismounts from her dragon friend to introduce herself to the group. “Thank goodness I have found the rest of you,” she tells us. “I though that I was the only one stranded in this strange world until Tammy suggested that there might be other humans living over here. Her mate Tarmac came with us.”

Introductions are now made as Dr. Croft tells the dragons the names of everyone in the group and how they are related to each other. The dragons nod in understanding as the introductions are made. Everyone, except Dr. Sanders walks up to pet a dragon on the neck as the introductions are made.

“How did you manage to make friends with the wild dragons?” ask Tod as he pets Tammy on her neck. “Their normal behavior in my game is to consider us hostile to them.”

“They were hostile to me at first, until I learned that their native language was Ancient Celtic,” answers Dr. Croft. “Then, they became very curious that I was able to talk to them in their native language.”

“They really can talk to us?” asks Tod in shock.

“Yes,” answers Tarmac. “We were so surprised that Sandra knew our language. She later taught us yours.”

“That’s wonderful,” answers Tod as he walks over to Tarmac. “We can learn so much from each other. Do you know if there is crystal over by the giant stone arch on the nearby island?”

“Yes there is,” answers Tarmac. “Why do you ask?”

“I need some to craft up spotting scopes before we build a raft to go exploring the other islands in this world,” answers Tod. “Would you be willing to take me over there so I can get some?”

“I’m game,” answers Tarmac. “Tammy tells me it is quite enjoyable having Sandra riding on her. Climb up on my shoulder when I lay down and I will take you over there.”

“Thank you so much,” Tod answers. “That crystal is going to be a life saver.”

Walking up to Tarmac, Tod pats him on his neck, then hoists himself up onto his shoulder. “Are you ready?” asks Tarmac.

“Lets go,” answers Tod.

Tod quickly finds out that riding on a real dragon is not quite the same as in the game as he almost slides off of Tarmac’s shoulder when he jumps into the air. But, soon, he is riding in balance with Tarmac as they fly to the big stone arch in the distance.

“Wow! That was not quite the same as riding on a dragon in my game.” Tod tells Tarmac in surprise.

“Reality is never the same as a fantasy,” answers Tarmac. “How do you know so much about this world if you have never been here before?”

“I have observed that this world is so much like my video game mod map,” answers Tod. “With the exception of you dragons being so intelligent and able to talk to us, everything else in this world has been very much like my video game.”

“That is most interesting,” answers Tarmac. “It makes me wonder if your game map programmer has ever visited my world.”

“There must have been humans here in the past,” Tod tells Tarmac. “I have seen some stone ruins in the center of Secret Island.”

“I am told that there used to be humans here over 1,000 years ago,” answers Tarmac. “We were at constant war with them. Then, one day, they just all vanished.”

“Now, I understand why the wild dragons in my game were so hostile to our players,” answers Tod. “If my memory serves me correct, there will be some crystal nodes to the East of the big arch. Lets make sure that there are no predators nearby in the area before you land there.”

Landing next to the stone arch, Tod finds some crystal node where he has expected them. He mine one of the nodule with his metal pick, pitching the stone as a pair of raptors keep their distance due to the presence of Tarmac. With the harvesting done, Tod is back on Tarmac. This time, he is prepared for the jolt as Tarmac launches himself back into the sky.

Back at the campsite, Dr. Sanders is standing there in total shock as he sees Dr. Croft standing next to a dragon as she is telling her story to everyone in the group except for Tod.

“I first appeared in this world high up on a basaltic plateau overlooking the desert of the island in the distance,” Dr. Croft starts out. “Tammy spotted me right away and flew in to land next to where I ran to hide in the rocks. Her mate Tarmac quickly joined her.”

“As they were talking to each other while looking for me, I quickly recognize that the language they were using was Ancient Celtic. They became very curious that I was able to communicate with them and allowed me to come out to see them up close and personal. Tammy soon took a liking to me when she realize that I was not a threat. I found that Tarmac had gillie armor, berries, and basic tools on him that he said he found on some the creatures that he had hunted for food. He had no idea how the alpha raptor he had killed for food had obtained them given that it had been over 1,000 years since humans were last seen in this world.”

“We spent the next couple of days getting to know each other as the other dragons living there had to come see for themselves. I was able to establish a small campsite next to the sea in a sheltered area free of threats but close to where they were living. Tammy and Tarmac asked if they could learn my language so we had a learning session together.”

“How did you know that the rest of us were over here on Secret Island?” asks Michael.

“I’ll let Tammy tell you the rest of the story,” answers Dr. Croft.

Dr. Sanders is still standing there in disbelief as a dragon starts telling her story to the rest of the survivors.

“I had heard from our elders that humans had appeared in other locations in the past,” Tammy tells everyone. “When Sandra told me that she was traveling with a group when she ended up here, I suggested to her that the rest of you might be on one of the other islands. Being such a long way to sail a raft alone, I offered to let her fly on me after she told me the Games of Throne story last evening. It was a pleasant surprise just how enjoyable it was having her fly on me.”

Tod has now arrived back on Tarmac as he thanks him for flying him to the giant arch and back. “The giant arch is rich in metal ore, obsidian, and crystal,” Tod reports, “I brought back enough crystal for six spyglasses. When we are ready to sail over there, we can easily obtain all of the rare resources we need.”

“If you don’t mind, we would like to stay with your group to learn more about you,” asks Tarmac.

“That would be wonderful,” answers Michael. “You can rest up on the barn roof for the night if you wish. The Parasaurs can alert you if anything dangerous shows up around here. Tod had us build a landing platform for fliers. We just haven’t had time to tame any Pteradons or the resources needed for their saddles.”

“The roof would be an excellent place for us to stay on for the night,” answers Tarmac.

Later that afternoon, Dr. Sanders has finally become brave enough to come up close to Tammy. “You will have to forgive Dr. Sanders for being so shy around you,” Dee tells Tammy. “He has had a rough time of it adjusting to this new world after nearly becoming food for the local predators at least three times.”

“I understand,” answers Tammy. “Being pinned by a raptor is no fun for anything the size of you humans or smaller. We can keep you safe from the wild raptors so long as we are here in your camp.”

About then, two other Deinonychus have slid down from the plateau of the water falls and are heading for the camp. The two dragons takes off towards them as Perry sounds an alert. Before the other men have gather their weapons to confront the feathered raptors, Tammy and Tarmac sets both of them on fire, then eats them for their supper.

“They can breath fire! They can breathe fire!” Dr. Sanders keeps repeating to himself as he runs to hide in the shed with his pet Lystro.

“They’re not known as dragons for nothing,” Dee tells him as he runs into the shed and slams the door shut.

“I’m going to check for more of those raptors,” Tod tells the others as he asks Tarmac to fly recon with him riding. Two more of the feathered raptors get fried and eaten. The dragons keep searching the area of the waterfall plateau, then spread out searching the entire island. Other then some normal raptors, which are left alone, no more of the feathered ones are found. By evening, Tod returns with Tarmac with two fertile Deinonychus Eggs which he places into the preserving bin.

“Do you think that I can hatch and tame these in your world?” Tod asks Tarmac.

“I have heard that it has been done by the humans in the past,” answers Tarmac.

“Excellent,” answers Tod. “It should work the same way as it did in my game. It would be most interesting if they were to actually imprint on Dr. Sanders. If nothing more, it would give him a chance to see just how a pair of raptors grow up.”

“You could also breed your tames so that Dr. Sanders can observe them raising their young,” suggest Tammy.

“That an excellent idea,” answers Tod. “How old are you two?”

“We both are 18,” answers Tammy. “Unlike your Game of Thrones story, we are both fully grown.”

“Do you have a nest back at your home in the World Scar?” asks Dr. Croft.

“We were about to start one when we found you on the plateau,” answers Tammy. “We could build a nest on that high crag so you can observe how we raise our young. It is nothing like your Game of Throne story.”

“We can construct a stone platform by our barn if that would be more suitable for a nest,” answers Tod. “It would be more stable then building one on top of that steep crag.”

“You would do that for us?” asks Tarmac.

“Yes,” answers Michael, Tod, and the rest of the group.

“We just need a Doed to efficiently mine the stone needed for a platform,” Tod tells the dragons. “There are none of them on this island. The Ankylos I saw by the stone arch are not efficient at gathering stone.”

“I can bring one back for you in the morning,” answers Tarmac. “They are native to the desert island.”

“That would be excellent,” answers Tod. “We’ll get a pen built that you can drop it in. I should have tranc darts by then which will make the taming process less stressful on the Doed.”

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Chapter Six. Exploring the Crescent Island.


It has been quite a night with Tod, Dr. Croft, Michael and Caroline spending the night on the roof of the barn with the two dragons. The night has been clear with Northern lights showing over the snow capped mountains of the far North. It has been a quiet night with even the Troogons keeping their distance due to the presence of the dragons.

In the morning light, Tarmac takes off to the desert island to find Tod a Doed for rock mining. A taming pen is constructed as Mary and Caroline work on the tranc darts.

Dr. Sanders has finally got some courage back as he finds interest in studying the prehistoric creatures that have been tamed by the group of survivors. He decides to take on the challenge of hatching the Deinonychus eggs to see how the youngsters grow up into adults.

A makeshift nest is built on a stone platform in a pen where it can be warmed by a fire below to bring the eggs up to hatching temperature.

“Am I going to have to sit on these eggs?” asks Dr Sanders.

“No,” answers Tod. “It will be similar to the Jurassic Park movie where they are hatched in an incubator. You will just have to imprint on them when they hatch and tend to their needs such as feeding them raw meat until they can eat on their own from a feeding trough. One of us will keep an eye on them as the incubation process takes place. My Specimen Implant is telling me that they will hatch tomorrow around noon.”

“That will be incredible,” answers Dr. Croft. “Dr. Sanders raising a pair of raptors from their eggs.”

“Here comes Tarmac back with a Doed,” reports Michael. “Oh crap, it looks like it got beat up pretty bad.” Hovering low over the pen, Tarmac gently places it in the center then lands inside.

“What happened to it?” asks Tod as he goes over to examine the unconscious creature.

“It got into a fight with a pack of scorpions,” answers Tarmac. “I was just able to get it out of there before they would have killed it. It passed out on the way here.”

“The scorpion stings have rendered it unconscious,” answers Tod as he examines the unconscious Doed. “The good news, I can start the taming process without risking further injury to him. You got me a high level one. Once I have him tamed, he will make gathering the stone for your nesting platform go a lot faster.” With some medical brew Caroline has crafted to take care of the injuries, the unconscious Doed, named Danny, is soon tamed and put to work mining stone from the boulders.

A crew is put to work fabricating stone sections from the supply of stone Danny quickly gathers from the nearby boulders. The platform, which contains secure storage inside, is soon completed. It is built like a hanger so the nest can be sheltered from bad weather. Both dragons like it. They soon start constructing a nest under the hanger as Dr. Croft is observing the progress and taking notes.

Dr. Sanders and Dee are monitoring the incubation of the Deinonychus Eggs. She reports to Tod that all is going well. “Make sure that one of you imprint on the chicks when they hatch,” Tod tells her. “You will need to feed them until they are big enough to feed themselves from the food trough. Be sure that they are not wandering about or they will get loose and take off for parts unknown. The last ones I raised in my game turned out to be brats while growing up. They will settle down when they become adults.”

A survey and resource gathering party consisting of Tod, Michael, Denny, and Joe get together to plan for their next adventure of exploration. Under the supervision of Tod, two rafts are constructed and provisioned for a trip to the Crescent Island at the big stone arch. A limited number of tranc darts have been crafted for two Longneck Rifles. A prefabbed shelter has been placed in storage on the rafts along with refining forges and a smithy. Plans are to build a refining camp along the shore, then tame a pair of stegos to use for transport and protection while mining metal ore. “We plan to be gone for a couple of days,” Tod tells the others. “Tarmac can inform us about any problems you may be facing. Later, when we have the tech, I can craft up some radios we can use to keep in contact with.”

The foursome are about ready to set sail when a pair of dragons are spotted flying in from the desert island. Tarmac flies out to intercept them. They all fly back to land next to the barn.

Dr. Croft is eavesdropping on the conversation among them as Tammy flies down from the new nest. “Flame and Torch were concerned that something might have happened to Tammy and Tarmac when they didn’t return back to the World Scar,” Dr. Croft tells the others. “They are now impressed with what they see taking place here. It is so different then how they were told they had been treated by humans over a thousand years ago.”

“That’s good to know,” answers Tod “When they tell their friends about us, we won’t need to worry about an accidental confrontation with them on the Crescent Island. Let them know what our plans are when we sail over there.”

Dr. Croft spends the next several minutes talking to Flame and Torch in Ancient Celtic as the raft preparations are complete. “Flame says to be careful when you attempt to tranc the stegos for taming,” she warns them. “They have gained several new abilities that have improved how they are able to defend themselves from the apex predators that live there.”

“We’ll be careful,” answers Tod in Ancient Celtic.

“If you don’t mind, we would like to fly escort and observe your activities,” Flame tells Tod on Ancient Celtic.

“That would be excellent,” answers Tod in Ancient Celtic. “I’m glad that I have started learning your language from Tarmac. Ancient Celtic hasn’t been used in my world for over a thousand years. You are more then welcome to observe our activities on the Crescent Island.”

The expedition soon leaves on the two rafts with the two dragons following them. About halfway there, Torch has alerted Tod to a strange reflection she is seeing in the water under them. Looking over the side, Tod sees that strange dome shape reflection as well.

“I believe that it is a giant air bubble,” Tod tells her. “That’s what it is on my game map. There may even be a second one near where you live in the cliffs by the World Scar.”

“Have you ever been down there in your game?” asks Torch as she circles close by the raft Tod is on.

“No,” answers Tod. “It’s in very deep water. I would need a water tame and scuba gear to safely reach it. One can safely pass through the bubble when on the sea floor. Otherwise, you can fall to your death if you pass through the bubble from above.”

“Some day you should go to see what is in the bubbles,” answers Torch. “I would certainly like to know what you would find inside them.”

“On one of my other game maps, the bubble contained plants and some land creatures on the sea floor.” answers Tod. “A map called crystal Isle had water bubbles on the land. Those were nasty places on the inside with predator fish that attacked in swarms. Some of them were rich in black pearls. Others, if you swam outside of them in the wrong spot, you fell to your death.”

“That’s sounds as dangerous as running into Death Worms in the desert,” answers Torch.

“Those were never fun to deal with unless we had a high level Rex, wolf pack, or tamed dragons,” answers Tod.

“Tamed dragons?” asks Torch in puzzlement.

“Dragons in my Ark games are nothing like you dragons are in this world.” answers Tod. “Like the Deinonychus, if we wanted to have a dragon, we have to raise them from stolen eggs. Unlike the Deinonychus that will eat raw meat as they grow up, we have to steal the milk from female dragons to raise the young. The process of trapping and knocking out wild dragons is very dangerous to all involved. I hope that I didn’t frighten you with what we did in my game to obtain dragons. It’s so much nicer in this world to just make friends with you then to have you all mad as us.”

“This way is so much nicer,” answers Torch. “I heard about the horror of the distant past. We lost so many of our kind in the war with those humans.”

Landing the two rafts on the palm tree lined shore, the foursome proceed to set up their camp site. Tod walks over to rub Torch on her neck as they continue with their conversation.

“That really does feel good,” she tells Tod. “I now understand why Tammy and Tarmac want to stay with your group. We should fly back home before it gets dark out and let the others know that Tammy and Tarmac are living with you on Secret Island, that your group is not a threat to us. We’ll be back in the morning.”

“Thank you for flying escort for us,” answers Tod. “We should have no problem handling any threats that are living in this area. We’ll see you in the morning.”

As it starts getting dark out, two Stegos have been spotter nearby on the grasslands just inside of the palm covered beach. Michael has suggested that the foursome should work as a team to lead the stegos towards the beach camp as they hit them in the head with tranc darts. “I hope that we have enough darts,” Tod thinks to himself when he checks their level stats with his spotting scope. “At least, we have tranc arrows I got from that nearby supply drop as backup.”

As predicted, both Stegos come charging after the foursome as they take turns hitting their heads with darts while getting out of their way. The two are lead towards the beach cabin and are almost there when they turn to run away. Two more darts take them down.

“Lets protect these guys as they tame up,” orders Tod as Mejoberries, that are used for taming, are placed on them. As darkness falls, torches are placed nearby to light up the area and to ward off any Troodons that may be in the area. Two saddles are crafted up as the taming progresses.

Being high level, the taming process takes much of the night as the foursome take turns babysitting the Stegos and watching out for danger. By morning two tamed Stegos are ready for the trip to the Stone Arch.

“That was a long night,” comments Michael. “At least, we didn’t have to deal with any threats where we are.”

“These Stego are really different from what I have in my game,” answers Tod as he saddles up one to check it out. “Oh wow! They can gather wood as good as a Mastodon. How do I get you to gather berries? Oh, I see. You have to change the angles of the plates on your back. Flame was right, they do have new abilities. We can ride double on them to get to the metal ore at the big arch.”

The half hour trip is made to the stone arch with the interruption of the pair of raptors Tod spotted two days earlier. “Place their spike plates to vertical,” orders Tod. “If they attack, try to spike them with their tail.” The two raptors move in to attack which earns them four arrows to their head. Surprised by the attack of the four humans riding them, they hesitate for a moment. That gives Tod and Michael just enough time to have the two Stegos launch a tail swipe. Two raptors end up dying as they are impaled on the spike tail, then flung off into a boulder.

“We could probably defend against a T-Rex with these new abilities,” Michael comments. The trip to the mining site is made with no further issues from the local wildlife.

Four forges are now set up and fueled with the wood the Stegos have gathered. They are soon filled with the metal ore gathered nearby. Loaded with crystal and Obsidian, Tod and Michael ride the two Stegos back to the raft to unload the booty into storage boxes.

No sooner have the two Stegos been unloaded when Denny and Joe come running back to the camp. A T-Rex with a faint orange glow is observed heading towards them.

“Oh Crap!,” Tod says in alarm as he places a spotting scope on it. “That thing is an Alpha, level 150. There is no way we can deal with that.”

“What should we do?” asks Michael.

“Denny, Joe, load the two Stegos on the rafts and sail out of here,” orders Tod. “We’ll try to lead it away from the camp.”

As the two rafts sail out to sea, the Alpha Rex wades out after it. Its get distracted when Tod hits it in the head with a shot from his long neck rifle.

“Well, it looks like that you got it’s attention,” reports Michael as the two run off to the bolder covered hill with the Rex chasing after them.

“I’m afraid that I have only pissed it off,” answer Tod. “That shot only bounced off of it’s head.”

Running up the hill, they are suddenly confronted by two strange looking dragons that land in front of them. “Get up on that female’s shoulder and hang on tight,” Tod orders Michael after a quick exchange in Ancient Celtic.” Just in time, both dragons take off with their riders to get out of reach of the Alpha Rex which turns around to head back to the beach.

“Now what!” warns Michael. “It’s heading back for the rafts.”

“Let me see if I can get our rescuers to kill it,” answers Tod.

After a quick exchange of Ancient Celtic between the two dragons and Tod, they approach the Alpha Rex from opposite sides and unleash four second bursts of high voltage lightning directly on the Alpha Rex’s head. It collapses with it’s head smoking from severe electrical burns. The two dragons land next to it to eat it.

“What kind of dragons are these,” asks Michael as the excitement dies down.

“The are lightning dragons,” answers Tod. “They are the only creatures capable of taking on an Alpha T-Rex without getting badly hurt.”

The two rafts have now landed by the camp as Denny and Joe unload the Stegos back on shore. Everyone gathers together around the lightning dragons as Tod makes the introduction.

“This is Electra and Tesla,” Tod introduces everyone to the two dragons while rubbing Tesla’s neck. “Torch had sent them out to observe us. They were really impressed with how we worked to save the two Stegos from being eaten by the Alpha.”

“How long have they been observing us?” asks Joe.

“Ever since it became daylight,” answers Tod. “They watch us take out the raptors with them, then head up to mine the metal ore and set up our forges. They saw us load the Stegos on the raft to sail them out of danger, then observed Michael and I bait the Rex away from them. When they saw that we had no means of defending ourselves from it, they decided to intervene and fly us out of danger. They have no love for the Alpha Predators. One stole an egg out of their nest last week and ate it. They agreed to kill the Rex when I told them how it could be done safely.”

The two Lightning dragons are talking to Tod in Ancient Celtic for the next several minutes as he goes over to rub Electra on her neck. Then then fly off towards the desert island.

“That was amazing,” reports Michael. “You are going to have to teach me Ancient Celtic so I can properly thank Electra for rescuing me from the Rex.”

“We got some really good stuff off of that Rex,” reports Tod. “I got a high level crossbow, a stack of tranc arrows, and a high level Long Neck Rifle with a scope.”

“We got a ton of hide from that Rex.” reports Joe. “What happened to all of the raw meat?”

“I let the Dragons take it all as a reward for helping us kill that Rex,” answers Tod. “It was all raw prime. As it has a short shelf life and doesn’t stack, they are taking it back to share with the rest of their flock.”

“Lets get back to the dig site and continue with our work.” orders Michael. “I am definitely going to have to learn how to ride a dragon like you. That was amazing.”

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Chapter Seven. Exploration of The Crescent Island.


Back at the dig site, the mining of metal ore continues to go smoothly. It is being processed in the on site forges into metal ingots which weighs about half of what the ore does. Obsidian, and crystal are also harvested. They are packed on the two Stegos where they are shuttled to the rafts.

As the foursome are waiting on the refining forges to process the raw ore, Michael has asked Tod to do some exploring with him of the nearby area. “Is there a cave near here?” he asks Tod.

“If this is like my game map, there will be a small cave to the Southwest of here,” Tod answers. “We do need to be careful when exploring caves on an Ark. Some of them can be filled with dangerous high level predators. We will likely need climbing gear to go down in this one. Lets head back to the camp so I can build a Smithy there to craft us up some grappling hooks, rope ladders, and climbing picks.”

At the shore side camp, a Smithy is constructed on one of the rafts to craft up climbing picks, rope ladders, and grappling hooks. Stocked with those items and torches, the foursome head back with the two Stegos to where the cave is near by the Refining Forges. Setting up a temporary pen at the cave entrance to protect the Stegos while they are gone, the foursome light their torches with Michael and Tod in the lead and enter the cave.

“So far, so good,” reports Tod as they descend down the steep slope into the interior. “Hopefully, like my mod map, this one will be free of threats.”

Reaching a small flat area, the cave floor drops sharply down off of a cliff. Rope ladders are assembled and dropped over a foundation set in the cave floor as an anchor. A standing torch is lit to serve as a beacon to mark the way out. After dropping a spare torch off the cliff to confirm that the ladder is long enough, the foursome head down to the bottom.

“There is a lot of metal ore and other minerals down here,” Joe reports as he test out the content of the boulder pile with his metal pick.

“We could mine these materials if we need them,” answers Tod. “However, it would be a lot of work just to get this stuff out of the cave.”

“Lets stick with the easy to get minerals for now,” answers Michael.

Continuing on, it gets very dark as everyone has to dodge the boulder littering the floor. Even the torches are failing to cut through the darkness as everyone continues on. Finally, there is a light up ahead that is illuminating the wall to the side.

“What a strange looking mural that is,” comments Joe as they come into view of the illuminated structure on the wall. It shows a floating Obelisk with several individuals worshiping it.

“The former inhabitants worshiped those Obelisks thinking that they were their Gods,” answers Tod. “If they are anything like in my game, we could use them in an effort to get back to our world. Still, there is no guarantee that they can do so. They can just as easily send us to another Ark somewhere in the past, or in the future.”

“Then how do we get back home?” asks Joe.

“I don’t know,” answers Tod. “That will be up to the Keepers of this place that brought us here when they are done with observing us.”

“We should go over to one of those Obelisks and see if we can learn more about them,” suggest Joe.

“Perhaps, if we could get the dragons to fly us over to the Green One, I could have you check out the terminal,” answers Tod. “It’s too far away and dangerous to head over there on foot or even with the Stegos.”

“What about the Red One?” asks Joe. “It looks like it is a lot closer.”

“It’s located in the middle of the dangerous desert,” answers Tod. “Even the Dragons are scared to head over to it due to the danger of the Death Worms living there.”

Continuing on with the exploration, a loot crate without a beacon is found where the cave dead ends. Accessing it, Tod removes the content as the beacon shatters into a thousand pieces. It yields two high quality Stego saddles. “We were given a present by the Ark Gods,” reports Tod when asked about what was inside. “These new Stego saddles will give them better protection from any predators that attack them.”

“That is good news,” reports Joe. “I have noticed that the crafting requirements tend to be very expensive for such items.”

“Lets head back to make sure that our Stego friends are safe,” orders Tod. “Then place these new saddles on them.”

The trip out of the cave has taken much longer due to having the make the climb back out. Leaving the torch up on the cliff helps in finding the way up where the rope ladder has been installed. With the climb up completed, the foursome make it outside to where the Stegos have been placed in a temporary pen for their protection.

Back on the surface, the two Stegos are outfitted with the new saddles. With the refined metal loaded on them, everybody heads back to the two rafts to load the processed ore on them.

While heading back to the rafts, Flame and Torch have flown back to observe the group of four. “Everyone enjoyed eating that raw prime,” Flame tells Tod. “It was delicious.”

“What brings you back here today?” asks Tod in Ancient Celtic.

“We just wanted to see what you were doing out here,” answers Flame.

“We have completed our objective of processing metal ore and obtaining more crystal and obsidian for our needs,” answers Tod. “We’re going to set sail back to Secret Island soon.”

“What are you going to do with your two tamed Stegos.” asks Torch.

“We plan on bringing them back with us on the rafts,” answers Tod. “We can keep them safe from any T-Rex threat back in the base. They are also good wood harvesters.”

“That’s interesting,” answers Torch. “The humans in the past would have just abandoned them to their fate.”

“I know that in my game, we can upload them to the Obelisks to bring our tames with us as we travel to other Arks,” answers Tod. “I just don’t know if that will be possible in this world or if it is possible for us to leave to get back to my world. Once we are better established, we plan to conduct an expedition to reach the Green Obelisk to see if there is a way to bet back home.”

“I could take you there if you wish,” answers Torch. “Tarmac told me that it was quite enjoyable having you fly on him.”

“Are you sure that you are willing to do that?” asks Tod.

“Yes,” answers Torch.

“Is it possible that my Dad can come with me?” asks Tod. “I may need his computer skills to access the terminal there.”

“I can take him,” answers Flame.

“That is most generous of you,” answers Tod. “Just be aware that he doesn’t know your language and has never ridden on a dragon before.”

“What was that all about?” asks Michael.

“Flame and Torch have offered to take my Dad and I over to the Green Obelisk.” answers Tod. “We may be able to find a way to get back to our world by using the terminal that should be at it’s base.”

“That is most interesting,” answers Michael. “You two should fly over there and check it out. What should we do while your are gone?”

“Go ahead and sail back to Secret Island with our supplies and our Stegos,” answer Tod. “We can come back on Flame and Torch.”

“How do I ride on him?” asks Joe.

“Just get on his shoulder and hang on,” answers Tod. “Once you find his balance, the ride will be easy.”

As Michael and Denny get the rafts ready for the return trip, Tod is talking to Flame as he helps his Dad to learn how to ride on a dragon for the first time. “Take him on a couple of takeoffs and landing until you have learned how to get in balance with each other.” Tod tells Flame in Ancient Celtic.

The learning session goes well with Flame making a couple of takeoffs, fly bys, and landings. “This is like flying on an ultralight,” Joe tells his son when they finally land next to him.

“Flame tells me that you are a quick learner,” answers Tod after a short conservation with him. “He is finding it quite enjoyable.”

“Then, lets head over to the Green Obelisks and see if we can find a way to get back home,” answers Joe.

During the half hour flight to the Green Obelisk, Tod is helping his dad learn Ancient Celtic. At the same time both Flame and Torch are picking up English. It is quite a climb up to the butte where the alter at the base is located. Some metal ore, obsidian, and a strange purple crystals can be seen.

After clearing out the predators the two dragons land next to the Obelisk. Joe heads over to check out the terminal at the base of the Green Obelisk. After several minutes of working with the hologram display, Joe calls his son over to access it as well.

“I am finding that we can travel to what are called other Arks,” Joe tells his son. “We can also place tributes in here to go to a boss fight arena. However, I find nothing about us being able to get back home.”

“This is just like the terminals in my game,” answers Tod after he examines it. “We certainly don’t want to go to fight a boss. One can easily lose everything in such a battle.”

“I find it interesting that we can also travel to other Arks from here. It must mean that the aliens in control of the Bermuda Triangle have created all of these arks for testing the survivors that vanish in it. It makes me wonder how those game maps ever came about.”

“Oh! MY Gosh! Is that my Rock Drake tame being stored in status in there? Dad, can you see his name in the creature selection?”

“No son, it shows empty for me.”

“Then, that Rock Drake uploaded in here has to be my tame.” answers Tod. “Flame, Torch, my tamed Rock drake from my game map of Aberration is stored up there. What should I do with him? He can’t be kept in status forever.”

“You should release him from status,” answers Flame. “What should we do if the become hostile to us?”

“Rocky should be fine as long as you don’t attack him or us,” answers Tod. “He should behave like our tames back on Secret Island as the terminal is showing that I am the tribe owner. Stand back outside of the terminal ring. He is as big as you are. I am going to download him out of status.” As Tod accesses the terminal, an unusual saddled dragon materialize in front of him. The two fire dragons are staring in astonishment as the Rock Drake appears in front of them and starts talking to Tod in Ancient Celtic.

“Can you take the bridles out of my mouth?” asks Rocky. “It’s very uncomfortable.”

“Oh My Gosh! I never knew that you could talk to us,” answers Tod in astonishment. “You never had that ability when I spawned you in on my Aberration Map to help me with my survival in that dangerous world. Dad, help me remove the saddle from him. He no longer needs to wear it.”

“That is most interesting,” answers Rocky. “I often wonder where I came from once I became aware of my existence while in status. What was I like after you spawned me in on Aberration?”

“You were a very brave and loyal friend,” answers Tod. “We had some really interesting adventures together on Aberration.”

“That is so wonderful to know,” answers Rocky. “You will have to tell me all about them. Is there anything to eat around here? Staying in status for so long has left me famished.”

“Yes,” answers Tod. “There are three fresh killed raptors by those purple crystals you can eat for food.”

While Rocky is chowing down on the dead raptors, Flame is asking Tod a ton of questions about him. “I am at a loss to tell you how this was even possible,” answers Tod. “I have no idea how Rocky ended up stored in status in this obelisk, or how he became as intelligent as the rest of us. Be understanding about his past. It has to be such a shock to have no memory of what happened from the time I spawned him into my game to the moment he became aware of his existence after I had placed him into status in preparation to travel to another Ark in my game. It has to be some experiment that the beings that created this place, are conducting on us based upon my game playing.”

“That is most interesting given that we were hatched from eggs and raised by our parents,” answers Flame.

“How was the raptors?” Tod asks Rocky as he comes back to join in on the conversation.

“It was delicious,” he answers. “Can I go see where you are now living? You can ride on me to go there.”

“That would be wonderful,” Tod answers. “Unlike the dragons, I would need to put the saddle back on you so that I don’t slide off when you go to climb up on something. You won’t need to wear the bridle. I can just tell you where to go. My Dad can ride in the second seat if you don’t mind.”

“Saddle me up so that I can take you two,” Rocky tells Tod.

“Will Rocky be able to cross the water to reach Secret Island?” asks Torch while Tod and Joe are placing the saddle him.

“If he has the same abilities as he did in my Aberration Game, he should have no problem doing so,” answers Tod. “He had the ability to swim in Fertile Lake. He could also jump out of the water to glide a short distance while swimming. I’ll have him take off from the top of the stone arch so he can glide over to Secret Island.”

“Would you like us to come with you?” asks Flame.

“You can if you want to,” answers Tod. “I’m sure that Tammy and Tarmac will want to visit with you when we get back.”

Surprisingly, the two flying dragons find that Rocky can easily keep up with them while gliding. The only slowdown is when he has to climb up to the top of a hill to continue gliding. From the top of the stone arch, Rocky is able to make it across the open sea having to land on the sandbar before heading to the campsite.

At the base, Dr Croft is in awe looking at a type of dragon she has never heard of before. “Where did you find him?” she asks Tod.

“He is my spawned in tame from my Aberration game map,” answers Tod. “Somehow, he ended up in this world stored in status in the Green Obelisk where he was given the same intelligence as our dragon friends. I’m now wondering if we are just an experiment for whatever brought us here. He certainly has been calm about his sudden existence in this world. Can you imagine what it would be like to wake up in a world with no memory of your past?”

“I’ve heard of situations where people have suffered from brain injuries that have no memory of their past,” answers Dr. Croft. “It is an unusual situation where treatment can be difficult with recovery slow if it is possible at all.”

“Do you think that I can ever recover any past memories of my life?” ask Rocky.

“I don’t know if you even have any past memories other then being with Tod in his game,” answers Dr. Croft. “You are unique given that what Tod tells me that he just spawned you into his game as an adult. Your only past memories are going to be when you were with Tod in his game. He can certainly fill you in on those adventures as time permits. You are one gorgeous dragon. I would like to work with you two on constructing your past.”

“That would be wonderful,” answers Rocky. “I will be looking forward to you two putting together the history of my existence.”

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Chapter Eight. Rocky’s Lost Past.


Dr. Sanders has come over to see Tod and his new dragon friend. “You were right when you told me that raising raptors from their eggs was going to be a pain in the rear.” he tells Tod. “Those two are nothing like what I saw in that Jurassic Park movie, they are brats. Damn, they just hopped over the fence again to head for parts unknown.”

“Dad, help me catch these guys,” Tod asks him. After a bit of chasing around, the two infants are cornered when they run into Rocky, who has blocked their escape with his body. Tod then accesses their behavior to get them to settle down. They then follow Tod to the hatching corral where there is a stocked feeding tray. “They should be all right now,” he tells Dr. Sanders. “They just needed to have their behavior reset using your implant.”

“I still don’t understand how that is possible?” answers Dr. Sanders. “It makes no sense whatsoever.”

“It’s just the strange way thing work in this world.” Tod tells him. “Keep interacting with them as they grow up. When they become adults, you will have to ride on one of them.”

“I still find it hard to believe that one can ride on a raptor like it is a horse,” answers Dr. Sanders.

“You may find that they have some unusual abilities” Tod tells Dr Sanders. “They can easily climb up vertical surfaces then glide back down just like Rocky.”

“Those are unusual looking raptors,” Rocky tells Tod as he is following him around the camp. “I’ve never seen anything like them before.”

“They are only found on a couple of the Arks such as this one,” Tod answers. “There were only aberrant raptors on Aberration. Ronnie and his two mates are normal raptors.”

“I now see the difference,” Rocky tells Tod when he looks at Ronnie and his mates. “Your raptors don’t have the glowing patches on their skin.”

“How did you know that?” Tod asks Rocky.

“I don’t know.” Rocky answers. “It just seemed like they should of have those glowing patches along their neck and body.”

“Interesting,” Tod tells him. “You may still have some memory of your past on Aberration that is starting to return. I will let Caroline know about this when we have our first session together.”

The base had gained a lot of improvements the past couple of days. Dr. Sanders has set up a brewery while the foursome were gone. With the harvested crystal, several dozen jars of beer have been crafted. The barn is now complete for the tames which have gained a pair of Challos thanks to Micky who discovered that they could be passive tamed by getting them drunk on beer. He has also gained a pet monkey that rides on his shoulder.

Dr. Sanders has to keep looking for his notebook that keeps disappearing every time that he wants to record an entry. Sarah has to keep giving it back to him as her new pet Pegomax keeps stealing it from him. “It’s because she doesn’t like you,” she keeps telling him. “Perhaps if you weren’t so nasty to her, she would stop taking it from you when you are not watching where you have placed it.”

“I don’t like creatures that keep stealing my stuff,” complains Dr. Sanders.

While the expedition was gone mining resources on the Crescent Island, a pair of “Tickle Chickens” was obtained back on Secret Island by building a trap for them, then playing tag to get them to run into the trap. Thanks to more darts being created for the rifle back in the camp, they had been knocked out and tamed with berries. Dr. Sanders has found them to have most unusual harvesting abilities of the trees and bushes using their long claw hands.

Most interesting of all, a Griffin had been captured and tamed. It was done when the slow flying creature showed up at the base and chased Dr. Sanders into the stone barn. It was then trapped by shutting the door so it couldn’t escape, knocked out, then tamed. Dr. Sanders is at a total loss that such a creature could exist. “This is genetically impossible,” he tells Tod. “I can’t tell if it is male or female.”

“It is a creation of the Keepers of the Arks,” answers Tod. “Unlike all of the rest of the creatures found here, this one cannot reproduce. It was placed here as an adult through their version of a GM Summon Command. While that command works quite well in my game, I have no way to access Admin Commands in this world. Any high level items that we would need will have to be crafted as the blueprints become available to us. Otherwise, all of my high level gear that I had stashed in the Obelisk would be accessible from any supply drop in this world. Finding Rocky in the Obelisk was just something that was totally unexpected. He has to be one of their experiments to see just how we would react to his presence.”

“Such an interesting observation,” answers Dr. Sanders. “This place gets stranger all of the time.”

Tammy and Tarmac have come down from the nest to visit with Rocky. They are both asking each other and Tod a ton of questions about his wingless dragon as Dr. Croft and Caroline join in on the discussion.

As the discussion continues, Caroline is telling the dragons her experience with humans on memory loss and the efforts made to recover them. “Rocky remains unique in his loss of memory as it was not the result of any traumatic event in his life,” she tells everyone. “He came into this world as an adult with no prior memories. Still, it looks like he has retained some memories of his past experiences with Tod on Aberration. That in itself is a good thing which will help in his understanding of his past.”

“Do you know if there are any Rock drakes living anywhere in this world?” Tod asks Tarmac.

“I do not know,” he answers. “Were there any in your game map of this world?”

“If there were, I never found any,” Tod answers. “Still, that may be a possibility given that I never had the chance to explore that entire map or several of the caves where they could be living in.”

“What if you were able to use the Obelisk to visit Aberration?” asks Tarmac.

“If that is possible, I wouldn’t want to go there,” answers Tod. “Aberration is a very dangerous place for any creature in my game. If it is anything like that for real, it would be a very dangerous visit. I saw dragon skeletons piled up in the cave entrance from the surface. They had been killed trying to escape from the burning sun when the Ark Dome Shield suffered a partial failure when it’s past residents attempted to escape from there. Where the Rock Drakes lived, it was a dangerous place of radiation, poisoned water, and red devils living under the ground that could easily kill an unsuspecting dragon, even the Rock Drakes that were living there.”

“Tod is right,” answers Rocky. “I now remember having to fight those Red Devils, those huge Reaper things, even my own kind, in order to survive being in that awful world. It was very frightening at times.”
“We should plan on more organized exploration of this world,” Tod answers. “It’s possible that we could find Rock Drakes living underground in some of the caves. We still need to find a way to get back home.”

“What if there is hazardous radiation down in those caves where Rock drakes may be living?” asks Rocky.

“I found the crystals and gas veins in this world I would need to craft a hazard suit,” answers Tod. “As the Spinos are immune to the radiation, I could tame one and use it to explore any Red Zone. You would not have to face that danger as a leveled up Spino can easily deal with any threats that might be down there. I’ll worry about that if I find it necessary to go down in such an environment.”

“I’m willing to take you into any dangerous cave so long as we can find an answer to get you and your friends back home,” answers Rocky.

“Thank you for being such a good friend,” Tod tells him as he rubs his neck. “Hopefully, I won’t need to take you out on such dangerous missions.”

“We would like to help with that exploration,” Tarmac tells them. “There are so many places in this world we have never been to.”

“You could be placing yourselves in extreme danger,” Tod warns them. “I have no idea what is beyond the crescent islands or your homeland.”

“We’re willing to take that risk for your tribe,” Tarmac tells Tod. “It would be quite an adventure for us to travel to areas we have never been at before.”

“That would be wonderful.” Tod tells them. “Let us know where you want to take us exploring in your world.”


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Facebook has become impossible to post anything let alone any of my stories due to their becoming a propaganda site for the current administration. I can't even post them on my own page or the Ark share your story page anymore due to their ultra sensitive policy of protecting readers from being offended. Anyhow, the chapter as of May 28 is now complete.


Chapter 9 The Viking South.


It is later that afternoon when a flock of dragons that have interacted with the survivors, arrive to have a visit with them. “We want to go exploring with you,” Flame tells the group.

“Lets plan on leaving first thing in the morning,” Tod tells him. “You can stay here with us overnight if you wish. Rocky wants to go with us, so, I’ll plan the route to take advantage of his ability to glide long distances from high places.”

“We’ll camp out on the beach for the night,” Flame tells everyone.

“That’s great that they want to take us exploring,” answers Michael. “They can cover so much territory so quickly as well as help us avoid any dangerous predators in the area.”

“Let us craft up radios for everyone,” instructs Tod. “Since Rocky can go stealth with us on him, I can use him to get close to any places that might pose a danger to us and our dragon friends.” A trip is made to the Crescent Island for additional crystal to fabricate the radios.

Meanwhile, the feathered raptors have reached maturity proving to be very unusual tames. Tod has crafted saddles for them and has managed to talk Dr. Sanders into riding on one of them. He finds them a most unusual tame to go riding on with their natural climbing and gliding abilities.

“I still can’t believe that I am riding on a raptor like a horse,” he tells Tod.

“You need to go riding on some of the other creatures in this world,” he tells him. “Lets go riding on the Griffin that chased you into the barn. Come sit behind me on it’s back. It can carry two of us with ease.”

Reluctantly, Dr Sanders gets on behind Tod. He is soon hanging on for dear life as Tod puts the Griffin through it’s paces. A steep climb for the sky into the clouds followed by a screaming dive to the island far below, soon proves to Dr. Sanders that he has had enough of flying for the day. “I’ll stay here with the tames while the rest of you go exploring,” he tells Tod.

As the preparations continue for the trip the next morning, Carlos, Micky, Jerry and Dee are planning on staying with Dr. Sanders to keep him out of trouble as he continues his study of the prehistoric creatures on Secret Island. Indeed, there is plenty to keep him busy with his study of prehistoric creatures. Tod warns him not to pick up any eggs from the wild dinos living on the island regardless of if they are in a nest or just laying on the ground. Still, there is the chance that he will end up running for his life as some angry mother dinosaur goes chasing after him because he has ignored the warning about picking up an egg he finds lying around somewhere.

It is the following morning as Dr. Croft, Michael, Caroline, Denny, Julia, Joe, Mary, Tod and Sarah, leave on dragons they are familiar with, and some they are riding for the first time. Tod is, of course, flying on Rocky. He takes Sarah with him in the rumble seat. The flight heads South to the forest near the snow peak mountains. With radios to keep in touch, the expedition is flying independently on mated pairs of dragons.

The trip goes smoothly with each pair of dragons, with their riders, picking an area to explore. Tod and Sarah have followed the coast so Rocky can find places for gliding as the others can fly directly over the water to their destination. A lone female dragon named Lisa follows them on this trip.

The landscape changes from tropical to beech and pine forest typical of a Scandinavia landscape. There are tall waterfalls cascading down from the snow capped mountains into deep valleys. Some of the prehistoric wildlife, mostly from the Ice Age, are observed in the forest and meadows down below. Some more stone ruins, much of it of Viking Era, are observed during the travel. Those include some large castle like structures as well as the remains of lodge pole structures and abandoned Viking villages.

Dr. Croft is the first to run across an unexpected sight. Flying on Tammy over to the base of a mountain, Tarmac has spotted a dragon lying on the ground with several individuals nearby. There is a camp made up of tepees with prehistoric horses, known as the Equuis, tied up along a makeshift fence. The two dragons land on a nearby hill so that they can observe just what is going on down there.

“I thought that humans were gone from this world long ago,” Tarmac tells Sandra.

“I did too,” Dr. Croft answers as she takes out her spotting scope to observe the scene below. “Yet they don’t look like they would be the original inhabitants that built their structures here. This looks like a tribe of nomads.”

“Who are they?” asks Tammy. “What are they doing with that dragon?”

“They appear to be Native American from our Southwest Desert region,” Dr croft tells Tammy after further studying their camp. “Their dragon appears to have been injured in some sort of a fight. It looks like they have been treating the injuries and taking care of him. He appears to be sleeping at this time. That is a good thing as it will help him heal up quicker.”

“Is that dragon a tame?” asks Tarmac.

“No, he still registers as wild.” answers Dr. Croft.

“I wonder how he ended up with those humans?” asks Tammy.

“We should go find out,” answers Dr. Croft. “We need to proceed with caution. They have already seen us and are placing themselves into a defensive position around their dragon. Let me study them some more with the spotting scope to see what their intentions are before we do anything. It looks like that they are sending a someone up the hill to see what our intentions are. Stay here while I get off to stand in front of you so he can see that you two are with me.”

As the lone rider comes up the hill, Dr. Croft can confirm that he is dressed in the traditional Navajo costume of the early 16th Century. He rides up to where she is stand, his horse seemingly having no fear of the two dragons behind her. Relieved that his horse senses that they are not a threat, he offers a greeting. It takes a couple of seconds for her to recognize the language he is speaking before she can return his greeting.

The two then sit down facing each other to continue talking. The two dragons lay down behind Dr. Croft as she introduces them to her visitor. The Navajo warrior, who’s name is Desert Fox, remains in awe at the sight of the two dragons by Dr. Croft. He is so impressed when the two dragons return a greeting in Ancient Celtic using his name that he gives Dr. Croft a Navajo name of “Dragon Lady.”

“How is it that you are able to talk to your dragons? Fox asks her.

“I learned that they were speaking to each other in a language known as Ancient Celtic,” she tells him. “Has your dragon been able to talk to you?”

“Those sounds he made didn’t sound like a language to us,” Fox answers. “He had been very frightened of us when he first showed up.”

“How did he get hurt?” asks Dr. Croft.

“He and his mate got into a fight with a giant glowing lizard,” answers Fox. “He got away but his mate was killed. We have been trying to keep it away from our village, but it keeps coming back to harass us. We had to abandon it a week ago when it attacked our livestock. The dragon found us when we saw it get away from the glowing lizard. Our Beastmaster wants to tame him so he can fly on him to keep track of that demon.”

“One cannot tame a dragon,” answers Dr. Croft. “The two dragons I came with are not my tames. They are my friends. Lets go down and talk to your chief and Beastmaster. We can help you in talking to your injured dragon about your plans for him.”

“Let me return to talk to Chief Traska.” answers Fox. “I’ll motion for you to come down when we are ready.”

Desert Fox is now with the chief and Beastmaster. They spend several minutes talking to each other. Chief Traska then motions Dr Croft to come on down. She rides down on Tammy with Tarmac following. They land in front of the tribe that are in front of their sleeping dragon.

Getting off of Tammy, Dr. Croft walks over to examine the injured dragon up close. “Has he been sleeping a lot?” she asks the Beastmaster.

“Yes,” he answers. “He has been sleeping ever since he got over being afraid of us after we were able to tend to his wounds.”

“It might be a result of the use of narcoberries,” answers Dr. Croft. “I think that something else is going on here given how his wounds have just about all healed up. He may be suffering from having lost his mate and not being able to talk to you. Let me talk to him and see if I can get him out of his depression.”

“You can actually talk to a dragons?” asks the Beastmaster in astonishment.

“Yes,” answers Dr. Croft. “Does it sound like this when I talk to Tammy in their native language?”

“Yes, it does,” answers Beastmaster.

“Let me talk to him in their native language,” answers Dr. Croft. “He is starting to become aware that we are here. Stay here while I talk to him.”

“The dragon, now aware of his visitors, is standing up looking at everyone in astonishment as He and Dr. Croft start carrying on an extended conversation. Dr. Croft acts as the translator between them and the tribe. “His name is Turgon,” she tells Beastmaster. “He is most grateful that your tribe came to his rescue, but so depressed over losing his mate.”

“Could you teach me his language?” asks Beastmaster.

“I can go one better,” answers Dr. Croft. “He has been trying to learn your language. Like Tammy and Tarmac being able to learn my language, he should be able to pick up yours in a day or two.”

“I wonder if he and Lisa could become mates?” asks Tammy.

“It might be too early, but go ahead and asks him,” answers Dr. Croft. “While you two are talking to each other, I have a ton of questions to ask Chief Traska.”

“Have his tribe find something for Turgon to eat,” answers Tammy after she has talked to him for several minutes. “He tells me that he is getting quite hungry.”

“That’s a good sign,” answers Dr. Croft. “He is starting to get over his depression.”

Dr. Croft has the tribe brings over some prepared food for Turgon as the three dragons continue to talk to each other. She has the Beastmaster hand feed Turgon. It is carefully taken from him with a later comment in Navajo of “taste good.”

In the discussion that follows with Chief Traska, Dr. Croft learns the history of how the Tribe of Turok ended up on The Tunguska Ark. “Our ancestors were looking for grazing land for their flocks, exploring an area we call the ‘Superstition Mountains,’ where they found a cave in the cliff side to shelter in from a sudden storm. Upon leaving the cave when that storm ended, they discovered that they were in a land vastly different from what they had been living in. In addition, they discovered that this land was inhabited with many strange creatures, some friendly, others dangerous.”

“Later, as we explored this strange land, we found that it was possible to tame some of those new creatures for our use and our protection. Members of our tribe soon learned how it was possible to tame many of the carnivores. They became our Beastmasters in taming and teaching the others how their special abilities could be used to assure our survival.”

“While we have successfully tamed and bred many of the wild creatures in this world for our use, we have never been able to get close enough to any of the dragons to do so. You are going to have to tell me how you managed to tame your two.”

“I didn’t,” answers Dr Croft. “You cannot tame a dragon. You have to become their friends. It looks like that your Beastmaster will soon become friends with Turgon. He wants so bad to be able to talk to him. I can help you with learning his language as he starts to learn yours.”

The conversation is interrupted as Tod contacts Dr. Croft via the primitive radios. “I have found survivors from the Navajo Nation,” she tells him. “Tammy has asked for you to come here with Lisa. We may have found a mate for her.”

“It will take me about 30 minutes to reach your location.” Tod answers. “Who are these survivors? Do they know how they got here?”

“They are the lost tribe of Turok,” Dr. Croft tells him. “I always thought that the stories about them in the prehistoric world was just a work of fiction. They have a dragon with them that lost his mate to what they have described as an Alpha Rex. They took care of his injuries from that fight.”

“Were they able to kill that glowing lizard?” asks Tod.

“No,” answers Dr. Croft. “They lost most of their tames when it attacked their village.”

“We should have my parents meet us at Turok’s campsite and see if Electra and Tesla can get rid of that threat,” suggest Tod.

“Make the arrangements,” answers Dr. Croft. “I will let Chief Traska know that we have dragon friends that can safely kill that thing.”

Meanwhile, one of the warriors, who has been keeping an eye on the strange glowing lizard, rides back with alarming news. Dr. Croft sends Tarmac out in that direction to identify what the threat is. A sound like a flame thrower is heard moments later. He soon flies back from a different direction landing in front of the others. “There is definitely am Alpha Rex out there.” he tells her. “I was able to bait it to hunt in the other direction.”

“Tarmac just informed me that the glowing lizard is an Alpha Rex,” she tells Chief Traska. “We have fought with one of them before. He managed to get it to head away from your camp for now. I have two dragon friends coming here that can get rid of that threat once and for all.”

“That would be such good news,” Chief Traska answers. “We have lost too many good warriors and their tames to that demon.

Joe and Mary on Electra and Tesla soon arrive to the campsite. The tribe is at awe of seeing these unusual dragons for the first time. “Those are Lightning Dragons,” she tells the tribe. “They were able to kill an Alpha Rex for us several days ago.” The conversation is soon interrupted with a warning by a warrior that the Alpha Rex is heading towards them.

“Lets go take it out,” orders Tesla.

Turgon is now standing up wanting to go after it. “You stay here and protect your human friends,” Dr. Croft tells him firmly. “We have more then enough firepower to take care of this threat.” Turon ignores her and charges in as the other dragons launch their attack on the Alpha Rex.

The battle is quickly over when the Alpha Rex becomes visible from the hilltop. It is surprised by flames hitting it in its face from two directions. Immobilized, with it’s face on fire, the two Lightnings blast it in the head with their lightning attack. The Rex has smoke coming out of the two holes in it’s head just as Turon rushes in to grab it by it’s neck. He rips it’s throat open in anger, then proceeds to tear the carcass apart. Having finally got revenge for what the rex did to his mate, he then collapses next to the bloody mess in exhaustion.

“Give him a moment to calm down before you approach him,” Dr. Croft warns the Beastmaster as they run over to where Turgon is lying. “Let him savor his revenge for the loss of his mate.” Finding Turgon is just crying from the stress of what has happened, they finally approach him with Dr Croft talking to him in Native Celtic.

“It’s over,” she tells him as they both start rubbing his neck in comfort.

“Thank you everyone, for helping me kill that thing,” he answers.

The entire tribe is now over at the dead rex checking it out. They soon start to butcher it sharing the prime meat with all the dragons and harvesting a bounty of quality hide. It yields a bounty of rare tools and other items from it’s inventory.

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