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Boycott ARK extra life event

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In response to all the issues with ark and a lack of the ark dev.  team not careing about the community at all. I would ask that each of us boycott arks extra life event. 

I know the charity is the one who will pay the price for this. (you can donate in other ways!!) but this is the only way I can think of to get there attention! 


PLS, add a comment to this post so that it will stay at the top of the forum.

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With TLC3 dropping the same day as the charity event, I think Wildcard ha effectively caused a boycott on their own. The 20-30gb+ downloads will keep many survivors off the game for hours and in some cases days.

They’re extending the event which is neat, but we all know there will be massive game breaking issues with TLC3 just like every other major update.  

These decisions are unfortunate for the kids. I will donate just like the last few years whether I’m playing or not. It just sucks that the kids are the one taking the hit here. 

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