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Ps4 game crashing at start screen

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this is not just happening to me but also to my brother and his wife who also play ark. game was okay yesterday as far as I know. I get an error message saying to download latest patch but when I check for updates it says I have the latest patch. my brother gets an error code as well but his tells him to restart the applicai\tion and turn off face recognition which he doesnt have. and to reinitialize his PS4 even tho no other games are having a problem.

I did not last night when I tried to load ark it failed to load properly. I restarted and then it was fine. already tried that but its still failing. hoping the reinstall of the game fixes the problem but I doubt it will

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my internet is through spectrum i connected to fallout 76 and bless unleashed just fine only game having issues atm is ark does that mean we just lost all our dino's if login and or the servers we play have gone kaput ??????? i have many years worth of playtime and many dino's spread across like 6 servers or so

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