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crash ARK game crash when trying to build a structure

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Yep, after they fixed the many issues yesterday, the game started working pretty good. First issue connecting to any server, that was finally fixed, only to have an issue where the game would cra

Can't play, can't build things, crash crash crash. Why does Microsoft have to put their hands on games? It's like Minecraft, let's take a 10 Year + developed game and turn it into some weird monopoly

I can’t believe something is released like this. Should’ve only taken about five minutes of preveiw to catch this one. Please hire me to check your updates before you release

After the pumpkin/halloween update the game has literally been unplayable, as no one can create structures or place objects. This game is literally 80% useless if all we can do is ride dinos and run around. PLEASE FIX THIS GAME. ALL SERVERS HAVING THE SAME ISSUE. Tried 6 different public realms yesterday. Absolutely ridiculous. 

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On 11/3/2020 at 3:34 PM, TheXineas said:

Same thing happening its been happening for a week now and I'm getting a little p.o'd waiting for some sort of useful information. I would even take a "We are sorry and we are working on it" at this point!

Big facts, at least a "Hey, we're aware our game is UNPLAYABLE" would be awesome. 

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I have tried to fix today by vault dropping different way but still no fix.... vault drops work fine in pc I don’t want floating structure I just want to vault Drop this land tower for defence..... How can a Wire/Junction box HOLD A VAULT MID AIR. I don’t even know anymore vault is only defense to rocket launcher spammer and If I need to use tek gen....

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