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Community Crunch 244: Halloween and Gen2 and Extra Life! Oh my!

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I sense that 'thing' and the white bunny from Monty Python's "King Arthur" have a lot in common...

What's the config line for hexagon rewards multiplier and where does it go (game.ini or GUS)?

17 hours ago, Iamviking said:

So...they are taking away 3x taming...?


5 hours ago, ccz2887 said:

I hope you’re not taking away 3x taming!!!  Man I love what I see in this crunch but just have some considerable concerns:


4 hours ago, kuovaP said:

I second this from first till last letter!

What 3x taming are you ppl talking about? Its been 2x taming since start of the event and its gonna be same until end.

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I really wish you could push the TLC to another date.  I really look forward to the Extra Live event.  However I live in the country and my internet is less than the best so with a big update I will be spending a large portion of the day downloading the TLC.  Maybe you could allow the update to download earlier and just install on the actual date planned like WOW does.

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54 minutes ago, Luewen said:

You can check yourself from here. http://arkdedicated.com/dynamicconfig.ini

2x and been that way since the start of event.

Then why do have my Dododex app set for 3x taming and it’s spot on with the amount of kibble to tame the animal.  Tamed a 145 Karkinos just today with the 3x kibble amount.  Unless it’s only Xbox that has 3x taming because we got the event 4 days late.

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Is the tlc update at the same time as the Extra Life Event? Some of us are going to miss out as a 15gb update can take a full day, wouldntthe tlc be better after the extra life event so the Xbox users who have missed some of the afear Event, dont miss the extra life event aswell? I was really excited about the extra life event till i realised the tlc update is on the same day :(

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What AWESOME fan art! Love seeing it. Can't even choose a favorite this week. Please continue these. 😁🥰

Also LOVE that creepy cute creature creepy and cute is my favorite!

You guys might break the servers if you got a billion, but I hope you do for those kids in need! 😆🥰

On a side note I'm not sure entirely what Cloudfare is, but wild card you might consider using a different service provider if possible in that area. I bet you connectivity would improve. 😁

I know it's a big issue today!

Keep working hard for us true fans wildcard! We don't talk as much as the negative Nancies because we are having fun with your awesome creations!

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Ur maintenance do nothing, its worse event of years, ur dev are so bad, ... Genesis no x rex, no x trike... Extinction no corrupt wyvern, no corrupt giga, no corrupt rex... ABB no aberrant trike, no aberrant stego... NOOB !!! I FORGET JSON ERROR... I know u fixing some error for create new... Hahah, good Luck friends for extralife bug event.... 

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