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For this ps4 server I will be hosting I have an idea. It will be ran as a community, a mix of normal players and a community for the RP and everyone one must treat each other with respect any slander towards the RP community or normal players will not be tolerated. (Unless at war) which I will now explain;)

we will build a trade community together as separate tribes or if you prefer to be alone that’s fine too. People can open Shops to trade and sell to one another. There will be a bank which I as admin will run. The currency will be Metal Ingots and element. Element will be the “rich currency” that is what you will use if you want a top tier specific item or Dino, the Dino can even be from another map that I will spawn in just for you. But here are the server rules.

1. Absolutely No killing of other players or raiding anybody (unless the two tribes agree to war in the court which to summon the court you must leave a note in the box outside the courthouse it will be checked everyday. The court will be overseen by me and the leaders from other tribes that aren’t involved) if both tribes agree to war you will have to wait till the next in game day before beginning war with said tribe. If you kill or destroy or raid a base/persons/Dino that is not in the tribe of which you are at war with I will be notified in which the war will cease and whoever broke the rules you will be imprisoned for 2 in game days. If a 2nd offense happens your whole tribe will serve 3 in game days in jail. and the player in which you committed these acts against will be able to kill you all on your release day in which ever way they sees fit. If you do not comply I will wipe your base from the map and if you become a nuisance you will be banned.

2. Yes you read correctly there is a prison on my server, if you steal, are disrespectful outside of court approved war, kill, raid, or destroy property that is not yours you will be imprisoned and the victim/victims tribe gets to decide how long your sentence is depending on the crime. (Be reasonable) lol. 

3. Metal ingots are the 2nd main currency. use these to purchase anything from resources to weapons/armor/kibble to Dino’s that are on that specific map (only element can get you out of map dinos)

4. Speaking of dinos. Only 15 dinos max  per person. If you are found in possession of more then 15 you will have to pay a fine to the bank and sacrifice a Dino or multiple in-front of the official who has been sent to your base for disregarding rules till you are at 15 again. If you are caught breaking the rules again you will be imprisoned 1 day for each extra Dino. So if you have 25 dinos you’re serving 10 days. 

5. I will welcome 2 people to my clan to be my server “guards” who I will pay 2000 metal ingots everyday and 1 maxed out level Dino of your choosing. who patrol and keep watch on the server for rule breakers. DO NOT kill attack or disobey them because I am the server god and have full access to admin codes and I will come next after them if this happens. and I alone will decide your fate. For whoever guards I choose if you are found to be abusing your power or citizens I will kick you from the tribe and sentence you to death by stoning (the citizens get to stone you)

6. If a tribe is done with war and calls it quits just admit defeat or call for a treaty over the public chat for all to see and it will cease and an agreement to cease war will be written up at the court the following day. 

7. you can get loans from the bank of any resource (BESIDES element) if you do not have the ingots to pay for something ask for a loan. You will have 5 in game days to pay it back. If you don’t pay it back you will be imprisoned. 

8. ABSOLUTELY NO cheating glitching modding or hacks you will automatically be banned no questions asked.

9. Enjoy the server it’s a great idea I had that will be a ton of fun and I’ll think of more stuff to add on as it goes. I will always keep everyone updated. Add me on PS4 if you are interested my gamer tag is Savdameron 

10. If you’d like to make a monthly donation anything would be much appreciated considering I bought a 2nd console for this to happen and I gotta pay bills and make sure everything can be fixed if need be. And if you are a monthly donator we can discuss perks you will get in the server. My Cashapp is Dame2995 

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