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if on Managarmr when server saves = 100% crash to menu on Valguaro official !!!

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every single time im on a mana as the main rider i crash to menu every single time 100% guaranteed on valg server, on crystal isle its happened too but no 100% like on valg.


this as happened in the past if you jump too much before the server save and sometimes crashed but not as bad as this ever till the last week, really hope there is a way round this or some kind of fix as its getting so frustrating but still i play the game cos its awesome.

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I've been experiencing this on most maps for a while now. Here's my workaround:

Figure out when server save is happening before you start flying around. Go check an obby or transmitter for the countdown on your stuff and it will give you a rough estimate on when the server save happens. Usually 30-40 seconds before the counter reaches 0.

When the server save happens, use a countdown timer for 13-14 minutes. (e.g. hey siri, set a timer for 13 minutes) This will give you a 1 minute warning to get off your mana before the save happens. Just get in a safe place and dismount. Feet on ground, until the save is done. You won't DC. But it's a pain in the butt. 


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