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Starting server for people with jobs


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Hey guys 

Server now setup and is called: ChilledGamingUK

Everyone is welcome. Just respect the rules and cooperate with each other I will be increasing difficulty once people start getting established  and have walls up.

Best way to get into server is to add.    Arknado as a friend and join game as this is my server account.

Original post below:

im planning on setting up a server mainly based around people with jobs so for the casual gamer. There will be a 6x everything for the first week of activation so everyone can get up there quick. Then will drop down to a more suitable rate as vanilla rate don't really work for people with limited times to play. If you're interested let me know and will update this post of eta of launch day plus any rule and multiplier I will have on. Happy to hear suggestions from you all I want it to be community based server NOT a kill on sight server.

looking forward to hear from you. 


Added info:

please don't build on any community appointed land this will be for a bit of organised chaos.

- planning on building a gladiator fighting pit at (lon 85, Lat 63) you'll know the area when you see. Anyone may enter

- build a multi tribe city in the hidden lake (lon 67.5, lat 22) I know this is many peoples favourite spot to build but if you build there don't take over the whole place think of it as an embassy.

see you on the island


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Good news everybody. due to a great deal of luck looks like I may have the server up this evening after the Arsenal game if everything works to plan. This evening is going to be a test run to see how it works and feels with all the rates and multipliers. And will turn off when I go to bed which will be pretty late I'm hoping Christmas nearly defeated me. And shall be switched on as soon as I wake up even if I'm not playing. Shall post details once it's set up. Pleas leave gamertag to make it easier to get onto server. Even tho this game is amazing it's has its problems. See you all on the island. Happy hunting PVPVE.

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That will be my intention. But I am waiting to see how the Xbox handles it. As i have been speaking to a few people running it a second Xbox and a few say it runs fine but some are saying its running hot. As its launching a bit later than I had planned I'm gonna be leaving it on till tomorrow night if everything goes well.

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