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Issues with the Fear Evolved 4 update

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xbox update, game now wont load past logo screen

game updated this morning, all updates inc. ab/scorched/ext etc downloaded fine.


i booted the game up, wild card logo, abstraction logo, usually can skip now to title screen but it wont. unreal logo now, then the big A ark logo. at this stage it starts to stutter, then black screen, then nothing, just black screen frozen.

xbox still works, tried full shutdown, restarted a few times, gets stuck at same place.


anyone else having problems since update?

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GP , the excuses just dont cut it anymore , if it was just this update that was messed up by the devs then fair enough , but its every update they do. They been updating for 4 or 5 years and they stil

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Same. Lots of chatters on the devs twitter accounts but no confirmation yet they are aware and /or working on it. I know Xbox got an update for SE and EXT, along with Ark / AB / Gen. All I got was ARK/ AB/Gen, so I am wondering if the other two are held up by Microsoft and thats the issue? But it would at least be nice to get some confirmation from the devs that they are aware of the issues and are working towards a fix.


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I was playing fine this morning pre-update but my server restarted for the update and I updated as well. Now post update it doesn't work at all, the server is visible but it loads for 40 seconds before it kicks me out for connection timed out. Neither Official or Unofficial servers are working.

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My PC restarted and now ARK doesn't show there is an update for windows 10. Is there a way to fix that? I cannot load up any servers including my own.

No it's not in queue and yes I've tried restarting the Xbox app and restarting my PC. It's just now allowing me to finish the update. I know it didn't finish because it was only at 34%.

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You sodding well broken it again Wildcard....  Why can't you and Microsoft play nice?!?  How can both of your teams screw this up so badly after EVERY patch!?


Can't join any Win10 servers, connection timeouts on all of them.  I've reinstalled the patch, I've restarted my server, I've restarted my client, and my PC.  Multiple times.  Your Patch is broken, again!

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