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Issues with the Fear Evolved 4 update

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Wildcard. You really need to up your game. We are your player base. You expect us to be interested in Genesis 2, and fork out more money, whilst this is the quality you produce after an update?

You dump an update to us, you don't even test it, you deploy it, say bye bye for a day, and you left a whole community just waiting...

This is not the work of a professional studio, you are embarrassing yourself to your customers.

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GP , the excuses just dont cut it anymore , if it was just this update that was messed up by the devs then fair enough , but its every update they do. They been updating for 4 or 5 years and they stil

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4 hours ago, TheRonk said:

And that's just supposed to be good enough? I mean, surely someone over there could kindly come out with some sort of release giving an idea of a time expectancy or something, right? Acknowledge that the players exist and give some sort of hope. We are just supposed to sit on our hands and just be okay with "they are working on it as fast as they can"?


4 hours ago, GP said:

The patch was submitted to Microsoft for certification. WC cannot give timeframes for that.

Whether it is good enough or not that is what is happening. So you have to simply wait for Microsoft to carry out their certification process before the patch can be released.

You have to be kidding me.   This should have been QA'd before it was rolled out.  I don't really care how hard they are working on it.  Their workload is self-inflicted and something they will need to resolve themselves.  If they had done their due diligence prior to release we would not be in this situation.   

The fact that you don't even see the point in our complaints proves that WC are as feckless as I believed.   The whole point of these complaints is to make WC AWARE of the problem, make it noisy, and painful enough for them to take the appropriate steps to prevent this happening again.  


They need to either give people a better idea of a timeframe, & compensate players for lost time.  


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Just now, Joebl0w13 said:

They were aware of it and working on it long before most of these complaints.

I love how you decided to gloss over the point I was trying to make.  That they should have, by now, learned to properly prepare these damn updates.  That we all make so much noise, is because it is particularly galling that they are still proving to be incapable of an appropriate level of due diligence.

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come on WC what are you doing sitting there twiddling your phumbs from what i can see %80 of servers are not being used this should tell u something, that a lot of ur customers are are windows10 users there is only a handful of people on console so ur biggest customer base is on pc but yet u cant be bothered to fix the problem, just like everyone else i have spent a lot of money on my nitrado server also renewing it yesterday then hour later not being able to use it because of another broken update after all these years you would think a pc patch would be available from  the moment of the update as a lot of ur users are windows users im getting really frustrated and coming close to uninstalling permantly had enough of waiting days to be able to play i got kicked in a hostile environment my guy is probably dead ive probably been raided and probably lost a few animals in this time its been down kinda makes u wonder whats the point 

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