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The Final Test Hexagon Reward

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I did it last night, everything about the fight ran without problem. Me and my dinos all got teleported out of the arena at the end, lost no items, everything was smooth for me. It's just strange because every other boss fight awards you with element/loot/hexagons, except the most difficult one.


Lore wise you could argue that this makes sense because in the story, the next thing that happens is we wake up from the simulation, and hexagons only existed within the simulation. But come on lol. 

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7 hours ago, Seruum said:

Nope they don't. Tek cave, king titan, rockwell and rockwell genesis all give only accension as reward. Even the element you pick up on overseer fight is lost after the fight.

King Titan has a loot cache. That's where you get the item you use to make the Mega Mek. But fair point about the others.

Still, though. They should!

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