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Update v2.0.19 is out now!

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Update v2.0.19 is now available for iOS & Android with some balance changes & bug fixes.

  • Floating structures will now be flagged and incapable of renewing their structure decay timers. Beginning on Monday, 11/2 these flagged structures will be automatically removed from the game as soon as they are flagged.
  • Fix for issues restoring Primal Pass in Multiplayer.
  • Seated Turrets (Rocket, Minigun, Bola, Catapult) are no longer placeable on Platform Saddles in Multiplayer.
  • Structures built on Platform Saddles now take 2x damage.
  • Rocket Turret inventory reduced to 10 slots, 10x ammo per stack, and a 1.25s cooldown on ammo use.
  • Fix for tames not laying eggs when too many additional eggs are in the immediate area.

We have also included additional detection methods to help us identify & ban players abusing third party plug-ins and other exploits. Thus far we have banned 3,000 bad actors this year and will continue to monitor abuse and take appropriate action.

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I run my own server and have 32 floating towers with over 200 erries all the towers are flagged but I have structure decay off so will they delete or be OK the information provided by wildcards or whatever they call themselves now is a joke is no real information other then boating about banning 3000 players and breaking game even more then before 

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The server I am on is Asian Easy PVP Leech
my name is 御Menhousi
We were attacked, they used cheating, we were killed in the building, but the other side was not in the building, they used giants, can clearly see and attack us their tribal name is 火山小辣鸡。
They are afraid of being blocked, so they use a new account, the name is 绿色玩家琉璃and The name of the blank
Please ban their tribe, because they just lose a new account and there will be different accounts to attack us. I recorded a video to prove that they used cheating. Their tribal building coordinates are on the nearby island of 15.80

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