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Increased Dino Decay timer on Obelisk



Please increase dino decay timers for creatures left on obelisk. Many times in multiple servers have i experienced players leaving their dinos at the obelisk for days preventing other  players from entering the Arena. I don't understand why other players would do such a thing besides the fact to block others from doing bosses on the map. By increasing the decay timer just at the radius of the Arena teleport, at least those who want to fight bosses will only have to wait a few hours instead of days. We've asked other players nicely to please move their dinos off from Obelisk and asked them please do not leave the dinos there, however the requests fall onto deaf ears. By doing this, players wont have to open tickets as often for help removing dinos from the obelisk.

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Ever put some thought into raising the upload 24 hour limit. I mean if your dev team is going to fail at there jobs for ever single update and lock uploads and downloads you would think it should be longer. I am so sick and tired of putting days of time and effort into making things just to have the lost to bugs and just plain incompetence of your dev team. This time I lost turrets, ammo, 2 caped stego saddles, 2 caped trike saddles, 2 caped gasbag saddles, 2 caped turttle saddles, 2 tek rifles, 1 transmiter, tames and all the other fun stuff you bring with you to raid. I would send a support message but what is the point? You will take 30 days to answer and then just tell me there is nothing you can do about your incompetence. Your game is great put your dev team is the bigest group of......well you know what you are. Get fired or learn to do your jobs right you stupid.............

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