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End of official PvP.


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Today something that has been feared by every pvp player has happened. Hailed by less dedicated players who are not skilled or online enough to get even one tower up. Removal of floater turret is a Dumb move. Let me tour you a guide on the wonderful hacks of ark. Firstly we have rocket spam... Now this allows you to shoot 200 rpg in mere seconds with 1 rpg. Enemy base? Spam that 1 min wipe With 1rpg only being used. Secondly is the aimbot script, how wonderful is it as you can spawn kill anyone in their base and come for the wipe. Enemy giga rider? Open a non jailbreak GG menu and just take a few shot then kill em. Enemy rocket run? Just use GG and shoot his 100 meter high body dead. Easy peasy. Your character feeling slow? Get the flash script so u can outrun even the bug speeded argeys! Enemy enter server? Open that handy X-Ray script and get the cords of all enemy structures. You die and lost somehow with those scripts? Just roll the server back simple stuff. These are all easy to do in official pvp servers but devs remove FLOATERS before these things. Quitting ark mobile is best for all of you unless you a PvP bob who actually pays money for amber. Skilled players just dupe with amber farm script. Oh you thought you can report? Well they will server justice in 3-5 weeks when your base gone already. #ARKMOBILE Is PVE

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