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Discord: JaymePee0944                                                    

Why should you invite me into your tribe? Because I am a long time player (around 5k+ hours between 2 steam accounts and console)  who is sick of getting forced into work by mega tribes and then wiped if I don't comply... Obviously I don't comply enough.

I bred war mounts for one MAJOR mega tribe ,so I can breed fairly well ,I'm excellent in PVP (Changes to the game pending both of those ,but it wont be hard to catch up as I was only gone about 6mnths) I don't mind grinding or crafing ,can tame ,and don't mind if you don't fully except me right away ,insiding is a thing ,I get it. I'm just tired of being bullied by megas ,and them stealing any tribemates I do end up with that are worth their salt. (I refuse to join a tribe that will make the game less fun ,and lots of mega tribes have TOO MANY rules. I get their will be some ,but in the end ,it is a game.)I've played in map wars ,so I'm used to huge battles and how they work in this game. Hit me up on discord if you wanna have fun!

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