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Where does your character go if you click no on 'overwrite character'?

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Edit:panic over. I found it. Just searched through about 20 servers before I discovered the download survivor button. Delete this thread please, mods.



Tl;dr the game for some reason chose to dl my character to a server I already had a character on despite me choosing a different server to transfer to. I log on and gives me the option to overwrite, and I am assuming it's said character I want to transfer. I chose no and kept the character that was already on the server. Where did the 'transfer' character go to? It hasn't gone back to the original server it was from. Did I just get my character deleted? 😂🔫

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43 minutes ago, Piffguru said:

Yea as you discovered it will leave your character in the cloud so to speak, Some people do this on purpose to leave a character ready to download. I did this to get my character ready to download onto a new map that is about to come out like with crystal isles.

Talk about giving people heart attacks. xD They must have made some updates since I last transfered. At least I now know for the future.

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