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pvp New Crystal Isles 24/7 Nitrado server w/ potential cluster.

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Ark Scrub Nation

Hello, and welcome to well, the nation of SCRUBS! This server is brand spankin’ new and we are looking to build a community to have fun and enjoy some ARK with! This server is Nitrado hosted and currently just runs the NEW Crystal Isles map. We have 10 slots currently and will upgrade as our community grows and calls for more.
We don’t like micro managing and we love to enjoy some fun, so we have a very laid back set of rules...  which is no rules.
To find the server simply do the following. 
- Launch Ark
- Search for Scrub Nation under unofficial pc sessions. 
We are building a community so we have an xbox group to follow as well along with our discord to join for easy communication and most up to date server news...
Xbox Group - Ark Scrub Nation
Admins - lewisb78
Server Rates -
XP 3x
Harvest 3x
Taming 7x
Breeding 5x
Egg Hatch 15x
Baby Mature 8x
Weight and Melee damage attributes have been boosted slightly. Water and food drain lowered slightly (meaning wont drain as fast).
Random drops
Lvl 300 Dinos
cross play with pc is on
A couple other important things to note: 
This is a no wipe server. We build we play but I will never wipe the server so everyone's hardwork will not go to waste.
We are starting with just one server with 10 slots. As things grow i plan on adding a new map to cluster with each month to aquire different tames that aren't on crystal isles. 
There is ZERO pay to win. Donations are always accepted and posted in discord. BUT ZERO admin spawns or commands will be done.
When raiding, raid at your own risk and raid how you would want someone to raid you. 
Like I mentioned above I will not be micro managing tribes, too many of these servers on here want to control everything with orp or no doing this or doing that etc... just go out there have fun and play the game the way it was intended. 
Please feel free to invite friends and help grow. See you in the ARKS!
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