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Change player experience from 32 bit storage to 64 bit storage.



Assuming player experience is a signed 32 bit integer, you can simply flip the integer to a 64 bit without any issues at all, and no one will notice anything.

If the value is stored as a float, you can convert it to a double which is 64 bit.

Simply speaking, I increased player levels in my server and reached the signed 32 bit limit, I can no longer add any new levels. I need Wildcard to flip the integer over to 64 bit to support a larger amount of levels before I can add any new levels. It wouldn't be a bad idea to do this anyway as you keep expanding upon the game. You're already near the limit as is at least mathematically speaking if you used a legitimate level curve.



Base game has these spots in the leveling up experience curve that make no sense, random numbers that don't follow a mathematical formula.

So I used math, to fix and adjust the curve. As seen in comparison below.


Now, I just want you guys to flip the integer over to a 64 bit value so that I can go beyond with more levels. :P

P.S. To those of you who tell me to half everything and decrease experience gain by half to fake level gains, that won't work because it would require resetting everyone in my server to level 0 and starting over. So no. That won't work.

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