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Community Crunch 243: Tender Loving Care 3 Details, Official Server Maintenance and More!


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21 minutes ago, Jatheish said:

Just wanted to clarify that the downtime next week is referring to TRANSFERS themselves, and not the servers. You'll still be able to play when that maintenance is happening, you just cannot transfer.

Will this only affect character data or also items/dinos? If everything will be affected, will players lose what they have uploaded at that time? If not, will the expiration timers continue ticking?

Perhaps adding a note about this upcoming maintenance on the main menu/in-game server browser could be a good idea (if only to reduce the inevitable forums storm that is incoming 😆).

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Spirit animals (Confirmed) FE4

New UI (Confirmed) TLC

HLNA update - hex/breeding/teleport/transpond (not confrimed- yet) 

Bio hybrid creatures - Underwater panther (not confirmed - yet) 

Non player built claimable structures ( not confirmed - yet) 

One map - all canon arks - sort of (not confirmed - yet) 

Settlement management (please) 

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