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A little over four years ago on August 13, 2016, I came across a thread by ShuZhen who was looking for folks to play with on her Xbox dedicated server.  I was running my own, but looking to play with additional survivors so I quickly sent her a message.  We messaged back and forth for a day or two and finally coordinated some play time.  We intermingled friends...some got along great and others butted heads.  Dozens of tames and exciting adventures later across The Island and Center, ShuZhen and I grew closer and closer.  Remember when we were grinding super hard on Scorched Earth to make our stone house and ended up baking ourselves to death???  And leading a troublesome giga into the water to drown?  I totally thought I could recreate that experience with Joel...poor poor Joel...I did get his backpack though!  Even after shenanigans of vandalizing her home with "Jaime Sucks" and painting random portions of her base purple and green, she still wanted to fight spinos with me.  Days turned into weeks, weeks into months, and months into years.  We switched things up with other games every now and then, added some alcohol into the mix on the weekends, and really created some memories that continued to nurture our cross state friendship.  We even planned a meetup back in April of this year, but with COVID-19 bringing the entire world to a stop, it just didn't quite work out.




I am so incredibly elated to share with this entire community that this week on Tuesday, October 20, 2020 after four hundred plus miles one way, I was honored to stand next to ShuZhen at her wedding as her Matron of Honor!  





And we marked the occasion with a tribute to how our friendship started: matching ARK tattoos!






So...thank you, ARK, for paving the path for a lifelong friendship and beautiful memories!

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