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add a hide supports option to open vacuum compartments



Option to 'hide' Vacuum Compartment frames on Official Servers

Not sure if this has been raised, don't flame if it has! :)

I've finally built my first underwater base on Genesis now that element is easy enough to come by to justify the running costs. I can tell, however, that vacuum compartments have been somewhat neglected in terms of updates. 

I'm sure i'm not the only one who would like to see the frames for vacuum compartments hidden inside of your base, so you don't get that ugly spider web look, and code them so that the frames automatically re-appear if power is lost to them (so that the base doesn't go "invisible" when it loses power)

Attached is a photo of my base thus far so people can see the 'spider web' frames i'm talking about



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Vacuum compartment beams are really an ugly feature after hiding a porthole, they remain in the way. It would be awesome to get a Quality of life update or some kind of "fix" for this as I've really wanted to build an underwater base but have been turned off from doing so because of it. Makes navigating through a well built base almost a nightmare, its a shame that theres such a cool concept that seems neglected.

You can really see what I'm talking about during this base tour video:

Thank you for any feedback & thoughts on the issue!

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