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Mobile Gaming League: Ark Ultra  Server Region: NA  


Game Type: PVE/Medium/Max Xp, Hatching, Maturing, and imprint with speed up nights  Tame Slots: 12 + 6 for Primal Pass  Max Tribe 8


Starting Players can receive a starter kit  


The admins, moderators, and some players host Giveaways & Events  You can expect many friendly people on the server to help you if you are a new player and need some advice!  


Events: Scavenger Hunt, Mutations Contest, Gambling, and Countdown to 1!


Community Areas: Industrial Forge at the Volcano, Griffin trap on Griffin mountain, and a taming cage at the red obelisk


The server turns into Brutal/Casual every first of the month!


Must have discord, which we recently earned level 3 for. 





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