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Best Dinos in Ark

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I agree with most of those dinos but I disagree with parasaur. I would put trike instead because it is a great combo of protection and weight for beginners. Also I would put spino instead of Rex because it has bipedal and quadpedal and gets the water buff. Overall, a great list but it can definitely be expanded on. Maybe do a top 25?

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- Igunaodon. It gathers berries quite well, can jump fairly high, is a lot faster than most other herbivores. Is really easy to tame, in running stance it doesnt lose stamina AND you can use weapons on its back. Oh and an argent can carry it. Imo theres no early game herbivore that packs so much utility with such an easy tame.

- Pteranodon. Fast flyer and the easiest to get. Makes getting most other tames cake.

- Argentavis. Utility flier, it can pick up a lot of useful dinos for transport, gathering and taming. It also gets a sizable weight reduction for many resources and can attack things its carrying.

Agree with anky and beaver for obv gathering reasons.

- Megalania. Its a little used tame that can climb in ANY direction up walls and ceilings and hang with no stamina drain. AND you can use weapons on its back. It might be slow and mediocre at everything else but this combo of abilities alone make it one of the handiest taming utility mounts.

Raptor is pretty meh even for a starter carnivore. Only thing they are particularly good at is running. Honestly i think anyone would be better with a saber or a high level terror bird. Sabers are good all rounders and terror birds are insanely fast, can glide and really dont take fall damage.

Obv mana cuz fast, ice breath and rawr.

Owl and griffin are pretty damn fun.

And thylacoleo is probably my fav just badass climbing super cat. Deinonychus is much more badass raptor pretty much. The list goes on but those are my tops


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I agree with most of the list but not quite the carno. I've used the carno before and a good amount but it's not an "apex predator" like the rex and spino are so you're liable to get attacked by almost every aggressive carnivore type dino out there. Sure you can repel those dinos easy enough with a carno, but it still gets annoying getting constantly attacked by every predator out there which can cause problems. Also I heard the allosaurus is superior to the carnotaur, haven't really tried the allo but that's just what I heard.

The second dino on the list I disagree with is the quetzal. When I first started out I really wanted a quetzal and when I finally got a decent level one I was like bleh this thing is way too slow and its stamina drain isn't too good either. Sure the quetzal has very high weight but it's just too slow to be practically used. When I want to go resource hunting for say, metal, I would just take an argentavis with 2k weight and carry an anky. The anky would hold most of the metal(I would use a high melee anky to mine the metal and a high weight anky to carry the metal and would keep the high melee anky in a cryopod when I'm on the move and not mining with it, and I would put a little extra metal in my argy when my weight anky can't carry anymore which would net me 5-6k metal in one trip. With the 1700 or so stamina my argent would have it could travel about half the island map in one stamina bar, and my argent was just a high lvl wild one I tamed, it wasn't even a bred one as I've seen bred argents that start out with over 2k weight which completely eliminates the need to use a quetzal, I see the argentavis as the ultimate/best weight carrying dino, at least on the island map, the quetzal is just over-hyped in my opinion.

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