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I want out of the Early Bird group

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It takes about 2 days of posting the max # of posts per day.  If you don’t post much,  you could take months or longer to get access to the trading forums.


depending on your platform,  the forums could end up being quite disappointing.   Most trading has moved to discord and is very much a Wild West in terms of how you find what you need and how much you are willing to put up in trade. 

tek structures tends to be predominantly used.  Single tek walls are largely not accepted any more these days, as large tek walls are much better to build with.


for pve official pc-  you can get giga stats that are probably not the latest but from Christmas time for free.   Ab anky top melee is free,  you shouldn’t have to trade anything for just the melee if you are ok with a non perfected stat mix and colors.

top stat rexes come from Bert and are supposed to be given out free,  you  shouldn’t have to pay for those.

most everything else has different levels of buyers and sellers.  Those who bred the latest stats ,  then the people who repackage those stats and resell.  There’s the people who just take what the original breeder made and resell those with no change or make even worse packages of the stats(those are the worst traders and most common...)



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