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pvp Cross Ark 8 Server Wars

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Hey you bobs out there,

We are a new tribe that is gaining huge momentum in Cross Ark 8. In just 4 months we were able to wipe out alphas on The Island, Ragnorok, and Valguero.

Our tribe has over 15 active members that play everyday and we have very hidden OP base spots on every map. 

We currently control The Island, Scorched Earth, and Aberration so we are always looking for new members to help us in our mission to dominate every server and map on Cross Ark 8. 

What tribe is wrecking such havoc and destruction you ask? Why it’s Peaky Blinders of course. We’re giving 3 year old alpha tribes a run for their money. Our tribe is such a huge threat that 4 Alpha tribes from the other maps had to gang up on us. It took them the entire weekend just to take out one teleporter. 

Even though we’ve only been playing this Cross Ark for a few months, we’ve already killed every boss and most of our members are fully ascended. We have over 5 years experience on small tribes and it’s finally paying off.

We successfully defended our Ice Cave when 35+ people tried to raid us for 48 hours straight. They wasted time and dropped so much loot. Nobody can stop us. You bobs can try to invade and build all you want but we’ll find you and wipe you all out. There’s no escape, just accept the fact that you’ve lost. You can bring all your dinos, titans, and weapons to our base for an all out assault but you’ll never win. 

Critical, Molon Labe, STORM, Taco Bell, or whatever you all want to call yourselves. We’re going to take everything you have on The Center and Extinction next so you better not drop all your loot. I just hope you all can trust every member in your tribe like we can with ours.

Anyone who wants to join us is free to do so. Just private message any of the following PSN’s and we’ll be in touch. 


We’ll always have someone online if anyone wants to talk. Why stay in a weak and old tribe, when you can join us and rule all of Cross Ark 8? Get ready for some backstabbing betrayal GOT drama cuz you’re all about to get wiped.

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