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Server Startup times increasing and now excessively long.

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 I have been running a cluster of servers for the last year or so, when I first started the servers my startup times averaged around 600-900 seconds. A few months ago, they started creeping up to 1500-2100 seconds and now in the last couple of days have increased to 4800-5200 seconds. I did recently add a couple of mods and a new API plugin but that was about 3 weeks ago. I also have a couple of crossplay servers with no mods or plugins and the startup times are the same on those maps as well so it doesn't seem to be mod or plugin related. Also with this I have been getting a threadwatcher hang crash message when starting the server simultaneously, the servers aren't actually crashing as I can still login and play while the message is open but as soon as I click ok it will close the server. 

I have 10 maps total hosted on a VM running on a Dell R720 with dual E5-2689 processors and 128gb of RAM. I am running proxmox for the hypervisor and have 64gb of RAM and 24 cores dedicated to the Ark Server  VM. 

I have updated all of my VirtIO drivers, and run the SFC command in Windows which was able to successfully fixed the errors it found. The process and ram usage is no where near max nor is the disk usage so I am not sure what the issue is. I am to the point of creating a new VM and moving my save files over but I would like to understand what happened so I can repair it or prevent it in the future. So if anyone has any suggestions on things to check or try I would appreciate any input.

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I haven't been hosting for nearly as long, but I'm having the same issue on a HP DL380 G8 host, with VMware as my hypervisor, 2.26 ghz procs, and 256 gb of ram. windows 2019 guest, with 10 cores, and 64 gb of ram, 5 instances, with or without mods all take 1600 + seconds to load. I can migrate between 3 of my hosts, and the guest / server start time is the same on all nodes.

Storage is attacked through mutli channel iscsi on a san running freenas for me, isyour storage local?

I haven't found a real fix since I started looking into the issue a few months ago, sorry it's not helpful other than maybe you're not alone.

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