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Is there any point in having a generators decay timer


be what it is when the cables despawn before it. Where is the logic? Where?

Wildcard, you know the majority of your players play this game regulary, so why can't you just give us 1 month decay timers? If it's some noob that's playing and decides to quit, then it's only a month to wait before everything despawns. Even 3 weeks would do. 

You introduce cryopods and cryofridges, and I am hoping it's to compensate for the 8 day dino decay timer, and to store dinos when people need to spend time away from the game, and the dino cap, but the cables to the thing despawn anyway.

You are realising how much hard work it takes to play this game, because you have doubled the base rates, amd altered the kibble tree, but please start to think about the little details like decay timers and bugs.

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