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Valguero Manticore not landing FIX IT

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On 8/26/2019 at 10:45 AM, flamron said:

We left our yuty unridden last night in Valguero beta so that we could DPS it with shotguns while on rhinos (5 rhinos). We lined the rhinos up in a circle around the yuty and the manticore seemed to land a lot on it. 

So I agree an unridden larger dino works wonders (at least the one time we tried it). Definitely worth giving it a go. Maybe use a tank rex or yuty if you have the HP. We also had a few  unridden deinonychus in there with us that we whistle attacked to the manticore.

3k rounds of ammo and we have about 1k left - that was running gamma and beta back to back. We did get the kill with the rhinos as well. 

He has a hard time landing on rhinos.  He seems to land the easiest on medium sized things.   (If you notice, he seems to land a lot more when Megapithicus and all his adds are running around; in short he seems to land on the monkeys easily.)  Note: he WILL occasionally land on a rhino, he just seems to have a harder time than say a rex or a yuty. Often he'll come down, almost land, and then instantly fly back up. Basically, if a rhino body gets close to being underneath his body, the AI thinks it is trying to be pinned down, and flies away. Note: he WILL occasionally land on a rhino, he just seems to have a harder time than say a rex or a yuty. Often he'll come down, almost land, and then instantly fly back up.

People have been using bait rexes in the center of the arena, but it's still not a guaranteed thing that he'll be able find the exact sweet spot to land, and often you'll see him dip down, fly up, dip down, come close to the ground, fly back up--because his stupid AI cannot find the perfect spot to get grounded.

I've wiped 3 times on alpha because I only have 3 tribemates and we don't have insane rexes. (We use rhinos and shotguns and  a bait rex; we hide in the front of the arena until he lands on the bait rex and then charge in.) Using the same exact strategy, I've killed Manticore with 7 minutes to spare, and with 15 seconds to spare on Beta, and it's all because he won't reliably land.  Just because one run is lucky and he stays grounded does not mean his AI will behave the same way on the next round.

Occasionally he gets stuck in the air where he's targeting something that he doesn't think he has any pathway to at all, and he just sits in the air doing absolutely nothing.  The only way to reset him is to call EVERYTHING back to the front of the arena to force a target change.

He essentially has a wyvern AI--which is fine when you can bring wyverns to a fight, but is not fine when 2 out of the 3 arenas he is featured in do not allow flying.  I don't want to have to ask allies to come to a boss fight with me just to make sure we have enough gun power to shoot him down. I don't want to have to wait until October to bring in grossly overpowered rexes just to be able to do a boss fight, when I can reliably kill Overseer and Rockwell with the same amount of tribemates and a similar setup.  I cannot do this boss fight on alpha--not because my dinos aren't good enough (they are), but because the mechanics of the boss I am fighting does not work with the dino constraints I am limited to.

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to chime in like one poster said, there is no certain way to make him land. i will point out tho that me and one other tribemate regularly farm beta on official now. having only two of us in the arena seems to work out best. it seems more people confuse the manticore AI more and it doesn't land. it lands very often for us, sometimes we don't even have to use the shotguns. it's still random tho, it's likely we are just lucky.

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We had some issues with him landing when we did the Gamma fight. Luckily we all had high level rifles, so we were able to chip away at him. My tribemate got the kill with his Fab Pistol! lol

We're currently working on breeding a few Velonosaurs to take with us next time. Have them concentrate on Manti while a squad of rexs chew up everything on the ground.

Wish us luck!

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On official:

* Gamma : we did about 10-15 runs, lost one squad once (Manticore not landing)

* Beta: we did 4 runs, no squad loss (a few rexes here and there)

* Alpha: we attempted last Friday, we survived Dragon/Megapithecus with 17 minutes left on counter, Manticore tried to land, but kept bouncing back in the air most of the time.  3 pump-action shotguns with 260+ damage did not help, it has too much hp. Our rexes all had 800+ melee , it ended with less than 10% hp left. Frustration.

We are used to leaving 1 rex to aggro it, but this time, it didnt work very well - as you need to move when it tries to land on you, and it was landing super fast, thus hitting the rex and taking off again.

When Valguero servers are added to the official cluster, this issue may go unnoticed 95% of the time, because the cluster's boss rexes are overpowered. But the occasional not landing at all, will still occur until WC acknowledges the issue.


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Manticore often refuses to land once it is alone on the arena. Still we've killed alpha with shotgun and 6 players with a lot of time left. We do use rexes.

What I've notices is that there are some spots in the ground that, if you place rexes there and the manticore focus on them it gets indefinitely stucked on air until you move them.

6 hours ago, Oldskill said:

When Valguero servers are added to the official cluster

Valguero servers are on the official cluster. However Allow Download Item option its set to false until october. Otherwise you wont be able to upload/download chars on Val.

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Ok so i'm here to explain our strategy i found on this conversation because since i'm using it, the manticore does not land every second but lands very often more than one second, enough to place fight enough, and no more stuck in the air. 

First we tried 1 yuty, 15 rexes 50k health 2500 MD, and a rhino, after this topic me brought a second rhino for the yuty rider at end of boss fight. (doing it 2 people) 

The strategy is let the rhino tank the first flame of dragon then throw ur rexes into battle, this way rexes only get hit by the second flame of dragon, but even with 2 flames they still work fine, never lost a single rex in boss fight and we do like 5 boss every week. 

Once the dragon is dead (very fast) yuty and rexes go for monkey while rhino wait for an occasion to charge on manticore anytime she lands. 

Last part, put all ur rexes and yuty at spawn, let one rex in middle of the arena and mount the second rhino. Now u have one bait rex for manticore landing more than 1 second land. 2 rhinos waiting to charge, and u can during this shoot all u can on manticore. 

Last time the dragon took 4 minutes before landing on rexes (start of the fight for our strategy) but we still end it up with 7 min left. 

Bait rex must be inactive on passive, if the lanticore gets stuck, just whistle the bait to move it a bit and keep shooting, rhinos charge hit veeery hard. 

Good luck with this

Edit 1: today second fail after 20 wins, don't know what changed... Seems like there really is no good solution to do it. Can devs at least make public call to tell us that it is intended to make everyond failing it with no explaination... 

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Bugged Manticore in Boss Fights (Won't Land)

Myself and nine others in our tribe did the alpha boss fight on Ragnarok, but what should have been an easy fifteen - twenty minute battle turned into a giant waste of resources, time and effort.

We lost most of our best Therizinosaurs and that means we lost several months worth of raising and gathering Artifacts, as enemy tribes like to ORP the caves, so others cannot not retrieve them.

During the Alpha Manticore fight the Manticore refused to land in order for us to attack it, so For the remainder of the fight after we killed the Dragon - the Manticore mostly stayed in the sky hurling poison balls or swooping down for a paw swipe.

Several of my tribe mates have submitted their own tickets with pictures and links too clipped videos of our time in the fight. Below I will put two links - one from myself and the full boss fight from the time we teleported in too when we ran out of time.

Tribe leader (Dillon the Gypsy) - https://youtu.be/9EafSxt4nw0

Myself (DemiFoxGod) - https://youtu.be/ah_N6idVaQI

Due to a bug with the Manticore on all levels of difficulty we have issues either doing the fight and even lose interest in doing it all together because we do not want it to turn into a waste of time, tames, and resources like this fight ended up being.

Server lag is also a HUGE ISSUE along with Manticore flight bug.

Is anyone else having issues with the Manticore rarely landing or refusing to land altogether? This has been an ongoing issue forever now, but this was sort of the last straw for us.

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Nice that WC acknowledge this fk issue lost all squad manticore would not land plus players leaving dodos and monkeys on the obi. Why is this still not fixed after 3 years? It's the main aim of the game hours spent to get fk over by lag and bad mechanics I mean really can not 1 person from WC comment on this poop show ? 

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Bugged Manticore

Dear Survivors, 

What is your statement in this cursed game about Manticore boss fight? I just happened to die on the boss arena in Valguero after 20 minutes of sad fight where manticore wouldn't even land 1 time, even though I have tried all of the known techniques. I want to emphasize, that manticore didn't land NOT A SINGLE TIME whilst it wasn't even bugged anyway. It just refused to go down. I have seen many complaints about that issue. Is Wildcard going to do anything with that? Some time ago they managed to fix the Dragon, which works fine since then but I haven't heard any rumours about Manticore. Are we all (or most of us) doomed because of that fact?


It has nothing to do with 'server thing'. It happens also on singleplayer or non-dedicated sessions.

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Unfortunately they wont help you... You will need to bring guns till kill him most of the time, when the devs made the boss fight for the official variant for ark, they used default coding on manticor for that arena which makes him try to go a specific height which isn't in that arena area, he only lands if the right script activate the landing sequence...


I have lost almost 162 creatures doing that fight because of poorly designed game mechanics the devs use and never edit properly because they just use copy paste half the time... 


Look at the devs kit for most of the creature data... Enough said.

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