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Disappearing Tames and Tames Stuck in the Air

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I guess I am not the only one who experiences this, but I am interested in hearing from those who have had disappearing tames, only to find them again.

In the past week I have lost three tames, one on Island and two on Crystal Isles.  I play on a private (PvE) cluster of servers on Xbox.

On Island I had a wyvern located in the volcano crater.  He was away from the lava and set to passive.  I had left him in there whilst I did some obsidian harvesting.  Due to external factors I had to log out and leave him there.  Two days later I went to collect him and he was not there.  There was no entry in my log stating he was killed.  As I said, he was on passive so he would not have chased anything away.  I hunted high and low for him, including up at the map's ceiling, and going to 50/50 coordinates to see if the 50/50 bug had got him.  It hadn't. Never found him.

The two on Crystals Isles were odd in that these two creatures (a wyvern and a tropeognathus) just disappeared before my eyes.  It happened separately, several days apart.  Both times I was on another flier and I whistled for them to follow me.  They jumped up into the air, and vanished before my very eyes.  I never saw them again.  I saw a YouTube video of somebody experiencing a similar thing where they had a quetzal on the roof of their base.  They called for it to follow them and the bird took off.  But it appeared to get caught on the base roof and could not fly away.  It then vanished.  When my tropeo and wyvern vanished they were near trees and cliffs.  I wonder if they got stuck in the trees/cliff and that's when the disappearing bug takes them; when they are caught on something as they try to fly.

Yesterday I was on Extinction when I whistled for a wyvern to follow me.  Again, he jumped up into the air and vanished.  However, this time the tame reappeared moments later a little distance away.  he was hovering in the air against a rock face.  When I called for him to follow me and land I could see he was trying to follow me.  He was turning his body toward me but he couldn't move.  It was like he was encumbered.  In the end I had to climb up the rock face using climbing hooks and jump onto his back.  Once I was on him he acted normally, and there was nothing in his inventory.  This is the second time such behaviour has happened on Crystal Isles.

Has anybody else had any disappearing tames on Crystal Isles?  if so, did you find them again, and if yes, where did you find them?  Have you had flying tames stuck in the air acting as if over encumbered when in fact they were not?


Thank you.

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This occurred yet again yesterday, but with a double occurrence.

I was on a wyvern and I went to the side of the volcano (Island) to collect another flying creature (a tapejara) I had left there earlier on.  I whistle for it to follow me, which it starts to do.  As it flies past the volcano it suddenly disappeared.  I am thinking it touched the volcano or some other object as it flew.

Luckily I had a transponder node on it which, when I activated it, showed me that my tapejara had been teleported almost 2000m away. 

I flew to it's location where I found it hovering just above the tree tops of the Redwood forest.  As it attempts to follow me it suddenly disappears again.  I believe it touched the tree tops as it turned to follow me.

Another transponder node activation revealed it to be 1000m away in the direction of my ocean platform base, which it in fact was when I got there. Hovering above my base.  There were no other tames there that it had been following.  The only tame it was following was the one I was riding on.  This time it did not disappear when I reached it.

It seems to me that there is a bug in the game that causes a flying creature that is following you, to be suddenly transported to a random location if that flier hits an object as it follows you.  It seems that when this happens the flying tame will be zipped away until it hits another object.  I suspect this as every time it has happened, and where I have managed to find the disappearing tame, it seems to be hovering against an object, be it a tree or a cliff face.

Has nobody else experienced this? I have had this occur perhaps 6 or 7 Tims in the past 4 weeks or so. 

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