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Ragequit years ago, now I'm crawling back.

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First bought this game in 2015 and ran it on a computer that really wasn't up to the task. Had juuust enough fun amidst the tide of unending frustration to keep playing it, until I started getting some really awful graphical glitches, including a strobe-lighting sky and hideous amounts of bloom. The straw that broke the camel's back, I think, was when therizes got introduced, and they spawned everywhere and would constantly aggro to me and my creatures. Lost a sabertooth that had been incredibly tough to tame to them. Cheated in a gun, went on a rampage of vengeance, then ragequit. Haven't played since 2017.

Soon I'll hopefully have a better rig, and despite the anguish ARK has put me through I think I'm still gonna give it another try, because I'm stupid like that : P Heavily modded, of course. The first thing I'm gonna do is disable those fecking tickle-chickens from spawning.

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