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Crystal Isles Fear Evolved not working

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Anyone else tried setting this up on their Nitrado servers? FYI Running Xbox. You have the option to select different events that you want to use. I tried the Summer bash and it worked fine,  changed it to Fear Evolved but I see no signs that this event is in efect. I restarted the server and did a dino wipe. Nothing, no skeletal dinos or anything.

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On 10/14/2020 at 12:50 PM, Ahairypickle79 said:

i am having the same issue and im on a gtxgaming server. The easter event worked but i cant get the feared evloved event to happen on Crystal Isles as well

I was told on the Nitrado forums that some of the events work and some don't. so it's kinda random I guess. You would think someone would maybe test them and take them out if they are broken? Nobody knows. At least the new event should work, crossing my fingers!

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