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pve Arkenoids PVE Cluster UK / Europe

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Are you looking for a friendly Ark community? If you are Arkenoids could be the cluster for you!

We're looking for new players who are after a casual Ark experience where you don't need to log in every few days to save being wiped and would enjoy the opportunity to take part in organised boss runs and events etc. Were a friendly group who enjoy Ark and just want to have fun! If that's you, then your welcome to join us!!!!

We have never wiped our maps and this is a rule we intend to keep!

Were running the following maps:


  • Ragnarok
  • The Island
  • Genesis
  • Extinction
  • Crystal Isles
  • Aberration
  • The Center
  • Valguero
  • Event Server

We also offer voting rewards, Starter Packs for new players, our own in game currency and in game store to purchase items to enhance your Ark experience.

Server Settings:

3x XP
3x Harvesting
6x Breeding
6x Taming
Max player level 200
Max wild dino level 150 (180 for Tek Dinos)
No Decay for structures or Dinos

Arkenoids Mod Collection 

Join us on discord to find out more about any of the above https://discord.io/Arkenoid and quote "Survive5" to receive 5 free in game credits,


To Join our servers manually please Open Steam and follow the below instructions:

  • On the top options in steam click VIEW
  • Then at the top of the box that opens click FAVORITES Tab
  • Click ADD A SERVER tab at the bottom
  • Then insert one of the below IP'S
  • Click ADD THIS ADDRESS TO FAVOURITES and your good to go

The Island
Crystal Isles
The Center

Our Direct Server Links (Copy into web browser to connect):

steam://connect/ Ragnarok
steam://connect/ The Island
steam://connect/ Aberration
steam://connect/ Genesis
steam://connect/ Extinction
steam://connect/ Crystal Isles
steam://connect/ The Center
steam://connect/ Valguero


The Arkenoids Team

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